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  • i just checked, the cue should be there the 6 th its out for delivery now. hope it works for you.
    Hi JAY, THIS IS Ray in ia. bar rag tourn. in83. I wonder if you know were i can get a copy of billiard news with the article you wrote? I like seeing your post like about Buddy . you where right about Jose being better cash player than Efron .At 65 im starting to enjoy hitting balls again to JAY ,just going to try my best and and know thats all there is.
    hello jay, sorry for the late response. i have had a crazy week, best friend mother died and i lost my wallet. but anyways i will send money to your paypal on friday. once again sorry for the delay
    Dear Mr. Helfert,
    I am Al Gassner's daughter. I am in the process of researching my family ancestry. I am now putting all my Dad's photos and clippings, etc. in his Album Folder and I am unable to identify several of the people, or should I say pool blayers who are with in in the photos.

    Would it be possible for me to send these photos to you for you to identify? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Carolyn Gassner
    Happy Birthday, Jay! Wishing you all the best in the coming years and hope you enjoy peace of mind, good health, and love in your heart!
    No idea, but I'm hopeful that one day she will come to the women's U.S. Open. Of course the powers that be in the WPBA might not want her here. She might make them all look bad. Ha Ha
    U have any idea when we may see Siming Chen here in the states.
    I heard that a couple of the other chinese ladies are coming.
    The one in vegas I did'nt pay attention 2 her name but U did mention she did'nt hold a
    candle to Ms. Chen.

    Hope we can have a repeat at Mountain View..

    Take Care,
    Hi Jay,
    It's Noel here in the bay area.
    Will U B in attendance here in Mountain View?
    Do U think and Efren and Francisco will play here as well?

    I'm looking forward 2 U telling us some stories about your pool room adventures
    in the Philippines!!

    If not Mountain View, we will see U in Vegas.

    The Fool4Pool,
    jay, dropped check in mail for your book; note to send book to address on envelope NOT what's on the check; moved. thanks jack cook
    I will be the co-TD. Yes, I believe many top pros will show up. 16K total added money is a big attraction and the One Pocket event just makes it that much better imo.
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