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  • Hi Jay,
    Hope U are doing fine these days.
    Can't believe Shane is down that many racks!!!

    So it appears that we will have some major Seminole Tourney in Mountain View coming up in April.
    First of all Jay, I hope that U will B attending!!
    In your opinion will many pros show up for that 12,000 added tourney?
    I know that Corey must appear but I thought it wise of me to have a Sidebar with U on
    any other contestants who might show up in the Pro ranks!
    Would they also show up for the One Pocket which begins a couple of days earlier?

    Best Regards as always,
    Hey, would you happen to know any known videos on jimmy matz..I heard his story and curious about how he shot.
    Thanks jay....coming from you that is a great compliment.
    And thanks for all you do for this great game...You are a living legend....george
    Jay, wish you all the best in the up coming year, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Thanks so much. I love this job! I'd rather watch good pool played by top pros than anything else. Any game, even Straight Pool! :)
    You do a great job in the booth Jay. You are right up there with Billy I, Danny D and Grady. Your tone and knowledge are quite obvious and good.
    Hey Jay, I got the Book in <ail today....Just as you said Great condition!!!!
    Thank You, donny
    Hey Jay I got the Book today and it is just as you said ...THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
    Hey Jay just sent money w/ pay pal please let me knpw if you got it. thanks
    That book of yours called Pool Wars is a good book,and it was interesting,I'll be glad to buy another one of you.
    Jay - Been reading your book I bought from you at the West Coast Cue Show ~ Pool Wars. Been really enjoying it. Glad you decided to write it! ~ Doug Wu

    Just read your post on banking. I play with a guy that is deadly on banks. He says he plays just by feel and uses no english. He says you have to see it coming off the rail. I on the other hand, try and use the diamonds. Believe me his way is the best way. I just wish I could see and feel the shots like he does. I'm 68 and am working my butt off to improve my game while I still have some time left. Started late in life, but now it consumes my retirement time. Enjoy your posts.
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