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  • I usually charge $20 + the price of the ferrule and tip. This also includes a shaft treatment to clean the shaft and to help keep it from warping. When done the shaft glides through your hands like silk.
    Your pm box is full so i guess this is public.

    A friend of mine is looking for an inexpensive cue. I think she wants a Predator, but she has been playing a little with the Mezz I bought from you, and may be interested in that.

    So really this is several questions:
    --do you have or know of a predator for sale?
    --would you mind if i offered to sell her the Mezz? (I promised you I'd give you first dibs on a buyback)
    --do you remember how much i paid you for the Mezz?

    And last, a reminder that the JC annual Stonier Memorial tourney is this weekend.
    hey, can you empty your inbox, I sent you a pm from days ago, waiting for your response, Thanks!
    Hey how is it going? Just curious as to what I sold that Gilbert to you for price wise. I cant remember and I also cant remember what I paid for my new one lol. The one I have now is a 2006 coco jb player(not as nice as the one I sold you but still a beauty) and has the break jump shaft and the playing shaft and 314-2 shaft. I never did get ringwork to match from Andy on the predator shaft though. Pretty sure I paid $600.00 without the predator shaft. I think I sold you yours for $450.00 shipped or something like that.

    Anyway hope your still hitting 'em good!


    Hey.. i'm a regular player in yuba city.. which we all know sucks! but i make it down to hard times about once every 2 weeks.. was hoping to befriend ya and maybe bump in to you some time. you have some great advice and i would love to learn some pretty cool things from you! haha hit me up some time. I'm deployed right now but ill be back in mayish. and hard times will be the first stop on my list!!
    yeah I couldn't make it to his funeral back in England, but I hear lots of big names in the sport showed up to pay their respects. He left behind a daughter. Who knows, maybe some day she'll take her father's reins as a top class snooker player.
    Hi there! My avatar is actually a gentleman, and he is my inspiration for continuing to play snooker. His name was Paul Hunter and he died of terminal cancer at the age of 27. He wasn't the world's best player but he was very earnest, hard-working, and a truly kind person. I can understand though that he may look effeminate when he used to have long hair before losing it to chemotherapy.
    Hey can you tell me anything about the third cue from the bottom in your posted Gilbert cues photo? I recently purchased a Gilbert '05 jbc from one of my favorite poolhalls in st louis mo and it is identical to the one in your picture. I was just wondering if by chance it was infact the same cue because I know how they can travel. Thanks in advance for your response!
    I was going to come though a few weeks ago, but I had a deposition in court I HAD to be at, I was so fvcking pissed off I couldnt stand it. I will be up there soon, i'm worried about my uncle, infact I will be up there on a more regular basis as he gets older he is almost 87. I'm out of stroke now, I was playing some here in Germany and I was at 60% at best, considering the huge pockets I should have been running racks and I wasnt. I started the gym so i'm so sore now I cant play, by the time I come up to see you i will be able to play, I 'm gonna try and get in stroke. I want to play the tuesday night tournment at the Joint in Sac. Last time I played in it I lost hill/hill first match against Warren Lew. I will be around that area alot, I might spend a month in Sacramento.

    I get back to america on monday,
    haooy new year,

    Thank you again for serving MARINE...I hope all is well in your life...Merry Christmass...
    Just looked at my rep's received...hadn't looked at them for a coupla months...thanks for appreciating my musings on the appealing scent of a girls panties, lol.
    Lol. whups! i told some guy to go F himself in a red rep. i didn't realize that went to mr wilson's inbox. really that's not that out of line is it? when did everyone get so sensitive?
    i do t like stack leather wraps, i thought i did until i saw one in real life-looked like shit. i been real sick(flu) the past 3 days so i havent called, i will i promis.
    sam i'm sick tonight, flu bug. I been triple busy I appologise for not being able to talk-or calling you back. I havent forgot-your my homeboy from my home town, I wont ever forget you.I just been rieal busy. I will call you this weekend or sooner. I will be up that way soon to Tracy. I will come see you
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