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  • Hello, I am following your instructions for leveling a 3 p slate and have a question. When leveling my frame with the loose slates on top my center slate is high relative to the ends. Is this called swayback? If so do I treat the frame/slate leveing procedure any different?
    Glen...since the info is locked in your head what might be the best way to extract that information..Lynn
    Hey, RKC
    Thanks for the kind words about the Gold Crown ID post. Most of that stuff I learned from you and the mechanics forum.
    Glen give me a call rich is being a total blank about this whole situation. I told him from the gate that my table needed new rubber and he didn't listen to me. I just want a set of black diamond put on like you said until you get back and are able to do what you do with the artemis for me. He should do it, esp since that's what i asked him to do in the beginning of the whole thing. I have alot of respect for rich, but i'm losing it due to his not listening to the customer who is paying him to do the work i want. 360 602-0981 give me a call when you can thanks glen, jeff
    Glen, rich geiler set up my table yesterday and the rails are dead. I need the artemis intercontinental 66 k-55 i have put on by you please Call me at 360-602-0981 jeff thanks, glen
    Glenrich geiler is about to do my table diamond red label pro it has black diamond rubber on it i have the artemis intercontinental 66 k-55 also should i have it put on or not? 360 602-0981 please call me when you get this i will be awake no matter how l8 it is thanks, jeff
    well that'd be great, table still sucks after 3 tries by Blatt. I was starting to think I should just get a better table, but maybe not. Let me know-

    Dave- 917-647-7122
    Glen , let me know when you will be in the Baton Rouge/ New Orleans area I'm interested in coming to one of your seminars. You can reach me at
    Why not change the bevel of the rails to accept the Artemis K55 cushions, it would be a lot less work, and the cushions play better than accufast do.
    I had 14 sets of artemis inter 66 k-55 profile. I have 4 sets left. would you be interested in picking them up? let me know, thanks, jeff I also have 14 9ft diamond professional's for sale they're in seattle would you be interested in helping find homes for them? 360 602-0981 jeff
    Hey Glen, heard you might have some info for me. I own a very good commercial quality table_ Robertson Black Max 9' and I want to use Accu Fast cushions. I read that I can't use these unless I plane down the thickness of the rails? The rails are 1 3/4 " and use a k66 profile, so will this be a problem?
    I pretty sure some time later this year, but you're going to have to remind me about a 100 more times so I can keep up with you, or send me your address and phone# and I'll put up a flag on my GPS so I can tell when I'm getting close to you.

    Hi Glen,

    Hope you're doing well. You re-leveled and covered my table about 4 years ago.....I'm in need of some new felt. Please let me know when you will be back in the Northern California area again. I would love for you to put your masterful skills on my Diamond!


    glen. im missing you. you said you'd be here last week but this week for sure. i've got the table down to the slate waiting for you. no staples to pull, no spinters, its ready for you.
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