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  • Hey bud. I am buying a 9 foot diamond professional made in 2003.

    What is the best way to move it. The guy I am buying it from said he had 12 guys pick it up set it on a trailer and move it whole...
    Can you tell me the best way im leaving in the morning to get it. And have access to a pool table dolly. Also you know if it is one piece slate or 3?
    Thanks in advance

    Will there be a 10 footer at Derby?

    Also, when will you be back in Phoenix? I need new cloth and a "tune-up"

    Thanks, CrossSideLarry
    Heheh I paid close attention to the work you did for Ricky at JOB's... Those tables were whacked... Nice work to get them back to good......
    I'm up by Rome, NY right now, no phone reception where I'm at. Once I leave here I'll give you a call in the next couple of days.


    Please call me. The USBA had a 3 1/2 hour conference call last night. We have to pull the trigger on the USBA Nationals in Las Vegas. That is scheduled for May 2012.

    I need to know if Diamond can/will/may bid on being the table supplier or if the prototype will not be ready. We are down to crunch time.

    Please call me at 616-772-2822wk or hm 616-530-8665

    I know Mazin Shooni and I have both inquired about this.

    Can we set up a conference call with Diamond and the USBA or is this still premature.

    Steve Andersen
    Hey Glen,

    What if the 10ft carom table has an option of a internal vacuum cleaner inside. The table already has electricity. The sound of the vacuum will be quieter because the sound is internal.
    No extension cords. Thoughts?

    Thank you Glen, really am proud to be one of your evangelists! I wish so many good things for you. Hope your sales of the 9ft Billiard table are going well.

    glen, my table plays great. when in vegas I would like you to recover. I have been spoiled by excellence.i was reading the repost before i realized it was my table.
    Hi Glen,

    Please chime in with your comments under the carom section/better tables thread
    Hey Glen, I was wondering if you have time... Could you check out the older Diamond table on ebay for sale? It is in Raleigh, NC and I am thinking about purchasing it (Please let me know your overall opinions because I respect them alot!). Also, Should I (The Buyer) pay for the "Breakdown" of the table at the person's house (The Seller)? Anyway, This would be much appreciated and I would want you to set the table up and "Tweak It" for me after I purchase it... So please include pricing info that you would charge me to do that! I am in Hendersonville, NC. Thanks Alot!!! Davie
    Got your message, Glen, thanks.

    I'm definitely interested but not certain that I want to spend the extra $450 right now to modify the rails. I am assuming that you charge $150 for the labor to just do the recover, right? Have you modified any tables here in the Seattle area? Or are there any new "Black Logo" 9-footer Pro Ams in the area? If so, I'd like to check one out first to see how differently it plays. Any new or modified ones at Golden Fleece?

    What was the overall reaction to the new tables at the DCC?

    Thx brother.
    I vote we just take all them frozen states....and move them all to the rest of us can warm up a little...LOL
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