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  • I had to share this with you. A co-worker sent me the link, and I think it's the *best* thing since the serial comma. :D

    Gregg's Reference Manual (desktop edition) is now offering an online version. I love this because it has a SEARCH feature. I can pull it up from my desktop and search for a comma conundrum or anything else I'm needing advice on as far as punctuation. AND it only cost 17 bucks. Check it out: Gregg's Reference Manual Desktop Edition.

    I know, I know. It doesn't take much to get me excited! :p
    hey! i saw that you have/had a fury cue. im interested in buying one. I tried to contact fury from the website but nothing happened...i have to know before i buy this cue if ob-1 shaft fits with "True - Loc" (going for the DL series).
    great post on CB's and i was aware of everyhing u said, i was just to busy to wrie the post, i have red dot CB'd red cicle as well
    Thanks for the rep. I use CTE but the threads on here are just too ridiculous but I like that you cut some of the tension out of it. The guys who are so against (or so for it) it will never get it. It's like talking to a brick wall.
    Hey, there:
    Yes, please put me on your "white list". My e-mail address is
    I don't want to go into your junk folder...yuck. I check my e-mail frequently and only get on AZB a couple of times a week.
    Sean: I just now noticed the rep you gave me for my response to that New Yorker taking my birthday thread on a detour. I'll probably see you out in Jersey, getting there Friday and staying until Tuesday.
    Yes I did Sean! Look forward to playing 14.1 with you when you come to Maryland. I just talked to Danny Janes. He plans to relpy to the post tomorrow. He has to be careful not to get in an AZ pissing contest with this guy. Can you believe this guy sells Joss cues on his website!!!

    Be Well

    Go read the thread again and get ALL the facts. And as for why the comments are pulled....we both pulled out our comments at the same time. She pulled hers also. She's a manipulate person..beware.
    Thankyou for teh rep points.
    I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks.
    I can be emailed at cuttlefishcues@gmail.com
    I am constantly exploring the carbon shafts and have a shaft at the moment which is reallr good , but is too thin to connect to a standard handle.
    My next development is to add a taper section to try and make it blend to the 21.6 or so mm that alot of handles are at the joint and keep the properties that I have deveolped.
    If you email me I can send you some pictures of cues that I have made to date.
    I what am currently making, nobody else is making at all.
    Thanks again , Neil Lickfold
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