:: 10th Anniversary Sugartree :: Hickory Burl Galore!! Hottest Wood EVER!!


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This is a 2013 Sugartree 10th Anniversary cue.
For Sugartree's 10th Anniversary Cues, 10 will be made and will be numbered 1 through 10. This cue is numbered 10/10.
Every cue will be different in some way but the only constant will be the Curly Ironwood.

This is THE toughest cue i've ever had to photograph....the burls and chatoyancy of the woods are natural nemesis to photography and lighting... I seriously don't think i've done justice to this cue...



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Jive this is a stunning Eric Crisp! Love everything, best pics too!
Thanks for the Show!


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Jive...Thanks for sharing this incredible cue. The woods in this cue are awesome!

Good shooting to you and congrats on getting such a great cue!


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That is really amazing. No fancy inlays or colored veneers, just beautiful wood doing the talking.


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Great looking cue Jive.

Looks like you're filling up that bazooka case nicely. Thanks for sharing.