2024 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!


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I started up with my straight pool league again. I ran both a 33 (new high run for the year) and a 31 today against the top player in the league (and still lost going to 150). It's amazing what staying down will do. 603 Fargo.
Where is this played at and who is the top player?


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9th of April had a brief encounter with a pool table. Tried out a 31" CF shaft for sh*ts and giggles and ran a 50. Not bad, maybe have a chance to play 14.1 again this year for second time! :rolleyes:
Edit: no Fargo rating available
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52 Ball Run on my new rubber flooring. Trying to reduce foot pain.

Foot’s pains is very very real. I can’t tell howmuch I have suffered during 3 weeks without these tiles. I saw them at Costco and bought them enough to lay in the floor similarly. I also bought an indoor slipper pair as well. I couldn’t believe how much it hurts during those last 3 weeks with 2-3 hours a day. It is crazy , I thought I developed “gout”