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whats the catch?

edited....nevermind, there was no catch

pure random act of kindness
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I'm still lost about this thread dave......I sent Bill a Pm a few days ago with a question and have not gotten responce?

this could very well be just like the new commercials

girl in the bike store looking to buy and the salesman says look at this one its our best bike top of the line...........and its FREE for you today

she says really?

guy says " NO (laughs) we cant give away our most expensive product for free how could we make any money?


Bill can be a prankster at times i've heard a few good ones he's pulled lol not that this he is rickrolling us for certain because i have no idea.

hope your well,
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I called right after it was posted and i was the 2nd person to pipe up someone in texas is going to new mexico to pick it up, its a 4x2 base for a cnc, no drives, motors or computer, just a 800 pound frame lol

he said he just has to many machines lol didnt know that was possible?


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When I saw the post I knew someone was going to get a deal from
Mr. Stroud. His acts of philanthropy to our world of Pool displays his genuine love of the game and his generosity is greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill.

How often do you get to visit a legend in the cue making world, plus get inside his shop? That might be better than the machine you bring back.


I put my phone number in there so people would call me. Not PM me.

The CNC was spoken for in about 10 min and will be picked up Teus. weather permitting.

It is a 48x24x8" gantry type with a 20K water cooled spindle and inverter.
It needs motors and drives and a controller like Mach10 to make it a usable machine.

Bill Stroud


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Well, it's actually LGSM3 who gets it, I just know both of those guys. I picked up one and it was delivered last week though! I'm currently working to modify it for cues.