From the US Open to My Collection...


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Never thought this one would end up with me since for two days there was a lot of interest in the cue from another collector.
The second collector refused to give up an arm to take this beauty home (thank you sir).
So there the cue sat until the last day between the semi-final matches that I decided to take the cue.
In my case, I gave up both arms to take this beauty back with me.
May have given up a lot to take the cue but in the end I am very happy with my first Haley.

Hope to get one more before my number comes up (oh wait, there is lots of time - 9 years before my number comes up).
Enjoy the picturs.

First set are for the Butt Lovers (I am included in that group).
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Beautiful cue Myron. You don't need arms for that cue.. you can just set it infront of you and stare at it. I bet that made the whole trip. Great pick up!


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WooooooW Myron what an awesome cue Buddy.:woot:

Congratulations :clapping:

Hope you have had a great time there.



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Congrats on a gorgeous cue. This latest batch from Ron is making me woozy!


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Very cool, one of the classiest gambler themed cues I have ever seen. Congratulations on the pick up.

Thanks for sharing


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Haley Grambler - WOW

Congratulations Myron on a great looking cue. At least you still have your legs for the next cue acquisition.


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Myron, I know you have been patiently waiting for that special Haley. I am happy for you. :clapping: You deserve it.

Stay in touch,


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Ron does incredible work. Congrats on buying a keeper. I happen to have cue number 155 the one preceding yours:D



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That is my favorite gambler cue ever! Stan's Cantando is a close second, but I absolutely love this one. Congrats Myron!


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Tommy - thanks for the kind words. If not for the custom Whitten that came with this Haley, the elephant ear case you sent me would have been an inviting home for this Haley. Thanks Again!

Cyrex - The trip was incredible to say the least. Making new friends, visiting old friends, watching the matches and finding time to chase a gem. Used my Master Card on the trip - So Priceless!

Troy - you have so many beauties in your collection that I am glad to know this one opens your eyes as well. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at VF2009.

Guy - Forearm is a beauty and the butt is just waiting to be stroked. Hope all is well!

Berny - I just may have to pay for your tickets over to the USA just to teach me how to take pictures. One day I will have the play some more since your pictures inspire me.

Sean - the collection is coming along and the peak of my mountain is still the one I found with your help. Thanks once again for the compliment and support.

Vinny - some of the early pictures I saw of Haley's inspired me to get one. One that I still have saved to my computer is Your Number 157. What a beauty... I would take care of your beauty should she need to be adopted!

Don - First person to mention the gambler theme - I was keeping that to myself until it was mentioned. A friend did not recognize it until I pointed that out. Simple, elegant and ready for the high rollers. Ron did a great job with the theme on this one.

Tom V - You are so correct... I can still walk the isles at VF for my next pick up. After that, I may need some help if all the dealers want are large body parts.

Kenny - thanks so much. Additions are fun and at times subtractions are necessary when a collection makes a small turn. Gave up two hoppe's to get this one.

Simon - thanks for the kind words my friend. Nothing like rejection for me!

Jimmy - speaking of patience, our friend Stan was the most patient during the show. He walked away with an awesome piece. It must be 10 times better than what was offered for sale in the booths. So with his patience, I ended up with this cue in my collection.

Tommy T - was Number 155 in your hotel room at VF2008? If that is the one you showed me, I knew at that point I was in love with these cues. You know if both you and Vinny allow me to adopt each of your cues, I could have three consecutive numbers in a row... WOW! On second thought, I need the body parts beyond the legs.

Jaime - The gambler (by AC) that Stan has is by far the best gambler I have seen in person and I am hoping to see pictures of it and the little brother that was brought into the family over the weekend. My gambler is a simple design and a beauty. Thanks for the kind words and putting this cue into the same leagues as the Scrimshawed Gambler.

Thanks to all for the kind words.
Hope to find another Haley to post soon!
They do come in pairs don't they?

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Oh!! Myron..
Happy Haley-ween...:smile:
AH!!!..:mad: Ron made Caps!!!:(
Nah... Those triple rings are hard to make..
Can't beat the Cuemakers...

Kevin Lindstrom

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vinniebabarooch said:
That cue is stunning!
My favorite Haley to date.
Congrats on the super pick-up.

I couldn't agree more.This cue is awesome and has just bumped a cue out of my all time favorite top 10 cues. It will fit in the top 10 just nicely though.

Thanks for posting the great picture and enjoy your new pick-up.