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My business, my home too, were both only a couple miles from England Airforce Base where they based a bunch of the A-10's. Saw them flying training missions all of the time. I also had a screaming red one ton wrecker. I had shot $450 worth of emron on just the cab and then had an airbrush master paint Yosemite Sam on both doors after it was totaled and I put it back together.

I don't know if it was the red paint or Yosemite Sam but that wrecker got a practice strafing run at it at least three times. First time I was driving the wrecker and they came at me nose to nose about fifty feet up. No problem, although I did maybe scrunch my neck down in my collar a bit waiting to see if there would be another pass. Another time they came from the driver's side. Never saw them until they were long gone, a full power pass at about the same height. Buffeted the wrecker around a little bit and definitely got my attention when I had been going down the highway daydreaming a bit. About three months later a chicken colonel was in my business. I told him about the last pass, laughing about it. He wanted to know, when, where, could I ID the jet? I really couldn't ID the jet and my memory got real bad about when it happened. I added about another four months to that. It was all in fun and I didn't figure all that dangerous. The colonel was looking for blood and I had no intention of giving him any.

About a year later my wrecker driver and a man working for me came in looking mighty pale. They had found out what a full power pass from an A-10 was like too! One of them was pretty persistent wanting to call the base. I had the colonel's contact information but with that small of a time window and a location where the wrecker was buzzed they might have pinned down who was doing the flying, at least down to one of two jets and pilots, they always flew in pairs. I let my men cool down a bit then told them it would be a firing offense to call the base. No reason to get anyone in hot water. Long before nine-eleven the airbase guys and police, firemen too, got a fifteen percent discount at my business which was generally about half of my adjusted gross.