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A string walks into a bar. The bartender said" we don't serve strings in here". The string went outside and thought " Damn it, I want a drink". So he takes off his hat, pulled the ends of his top end apart and tied himself into three half hitches. He went back inside and the bartender said "HEY! Aren't you that string that was just in here"?

The string said.... "No... I'm a frayed knot"!

Still a favorite of mine.

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It's amazing how quickly a rifle barrel will heat up. Just 3 or 4 shots and I wouldn't want to touch it. Maybe a couple more if that's a 5.56., but it's also a much larger magazine.

The main thing is that is a clamshell muzzle brake. When that rifle is fired there is going to be a lot of hot, probably still burning, particles headed at her legs and some tiny pieces of metal. Gonna be a one time experience!

This one is for Texas Carom Club

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Letting the cat do the rest reminds me of an old time high end burglar. He was operating in Hollywood so picked the night of a big awards event to knock over an actor's mansion. He found the usual easy access and is easing around in the dark, all good, until he noticed a pair of green eyes about eight inches apart. He figured he came out even on the deal, he didn't get anything and the leopard didn't get him!