Gus Szamboti ~ 'in the raw'


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30+ year old Gus Szamboti blanks and ivory scraps.

blanks ivory 1.jpg

blanks 1.jpg

blanks 7.jpg

blanks 6.jpg


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Pictures for posterity

Thanks for posting these pics. It's the best thing I've ever seen on this website. :thumbup:


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Szam forearms

Thank you for posting these treasures!
What are you going to do with them? Someone is going to get a real special piece of history.


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Truly incredible pieces...:thud:

Two of my favorite veneer patterns.

Thanks for sharing,


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Thanks for posting these pictures. They solve the curiosity many of us have on how the veneered points are put together and these were done by one of the masters!



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These pictures are just amazing. I would like to know how you got these, I am sure that is a story all on it's own.....


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I would hope that Barry Szamboti is the only person allowed to touch them with a tool.

Personally I hope they stay just the way they are.

It broke my heart to see one of the last Spain blanks converted a few years back.

Pieces like these have a special place in pool history.


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I don't see any posters mentioning his gluing up as squares. Does anyone today do it that way? I know Palmer did their blanks as squares as well. Szamboti made me an 8 point cue and he said he had a lot of trouble making it starting over twice. I was told this be someone who visited his shop that Gus had complained about the cue he had agreed to build for me. Gus never complained to me personaly though. I think the problem was probably because of the way he built his blanks, he had to use a different method to build an 8 pointer.