Happy Birthday Jay Helfert


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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jay always like hearing your point of view and reading your posts. Hope you have a great Birthday !!! :smile:


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Have a great one!! Loved you in PHJ....kidding
Pool Wars is a fav.
Party it up!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Jay and many happy returns. Enjoy the day and then get busy on finishing the sequel to Pool Wars. :happy-birthday:


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....Thanks for your contributions to the sport and forum!

Speaking of contributions.....

Jay, I obviously want to wish you a Happy Birthday, but more important,
I want to wish you great health so that you have many more birthdays.
We need you around, my friend, for a long time to come.
I'm serious when I say that.

Pool is getting there slowly, but we need your wisdom and further assistance to make all our dreams come true.

Thank you now and always.
Take care of yourself, sir. For yourself and for the entire industry.
We've lost enough "old timers" as it is.

I hope to meet you someday, somewhere in the pool world.
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Happy Birthday Jay - Enjoy Your Day

Happy Birthday, Buddy, Hope You Have a Awesome One!!!


jay helfert

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You guys are great! I don't like getting a year older, because I still feel like I did at 39. My secrets to longevity are diet and exercise of course. DON'T drink or smoke to excess, and having a five year old daughter and a girl half my age helps as well. REALLY!

I started a regular exercise program two and half months ago, nothing too strenuous but exercise nonetheless. I walk about a mile and half daily at a brisk pace, do about 10-15 minutes of weight work and spend five minutes on a small trampoline. Altogether maybe forty minutes, 4-5 days a week. It's amazing what a difference this has made for me in less than three months. I have far more energy than before and have begun to do push-ups and chin-ups as well. I couldn't do more than one three months ago!

It's been a real eye opener to see so many of my buddies passing away in the last couple of years, many younger than me. I know they had some bad habits, but it was still a shock since I knew most of them since we were kids. Thanks again, I'm like Freddie, a pool lifer!