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ahyen8021 said:
Received the cocobolo jp in very good condition and wrap in nice bubble wrap. for the price i paid... it's one of the steal of the day !

thanx KOINNKID !

ahyen8021 paid fast and communicated well. Thanks for the purchase.


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Mezz Z605

Hi, I bought a Pool cue Mezz Z605 from Pool Loft Dave in excellent condition. Thanks


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I recently bought a very nice cue from Tommie 1351 the cue was exactly as described and he went far beyond what was required to make sure that I received it and everything was in order. I am very satisfied with our dealings and would recommend to anyone to do business with him.


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I recently bought a cue from Bamacues-shipping was quick, cue as described, and thanks for the joint protecters


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I just had a great trade deal with Tim Cole. A great guy to do business with.:thumbup:


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Deal with PunchOut

This buyer backed out and did not pay for his item after committing to a sale.
Negative I-Trader was left.


Flawless Transaction

Another great Transaction from Benfica. Rapid shipping to Canada and once again received what was promised. Thanks Tony


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Iyah, great guy

Sam, has great communication and prompt shipping. thanks for the deal.


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Deal with taxi man

NEVER MIND THE STEREOTYPES!! THIS IS ONE TAXI MAN WHO WON'T "TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE!!" :thumbup: ONE SMOOTH TRANSACTION PROVIDED BY A MAN OF HIS WORD!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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taxi man

Dealing with the Fonz was ''Happy Days''

If my pool game was as smooth as this transaction I'd be a world champ.He's renewed my faith in trust ,doing a deal on a computer.Anyone who does a deal with the Fonz in the future can rest easy,Super honest guy!Thanks again.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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Dealing with rvan

I bought a Cue from the Year 1985 from rvan and this Cue was in very very good Condition.
We also had a very great communication and prompt shipping.

thanks again for this perfect Deal .


thanks Jeff


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I just finished a transaction with Olive. I bought a pair of Varneys from him, which he had to me in a week (from England to Butt Pucker, California!). The cues were well packed, in excellent condition, and exactly as represented on the sale thread.

Altogether a satisfying deal.


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I just had a great transaction with Kevin Varney. I had ordered a shaft for one of my other playing cues, without sending him the butt he matched up the dia perfect, and the rest of the cue was just as i had asked. It was a pleasure doing business with Kevin Varney, and look forward to doing more in the future. Thank You Kevin.
Sincerly Floyd ccn7 Tibbetts


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Purchase & Trade Deal

I completed a deal with Joe @ BamaCues on Sunday. The cues arrived to me by Thursday they were well packed, in excellent condition, and exactly as represented on the 4 sale thread. The Pkgs. arrived quickly, I am very happy with the whole transaction.
Thanks Joe, a great guy to deal with. :thumbup::thumbup:


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OK gang, installed a new mod especially for all of you ebay regulars.

Below any user's name, you will see an entry now called iTrader. Click on that user's iTrader score to go to their iTrader profile.

On that profile page, you can view all of the iTrader positive and negative comments that have been left by other users for that user.

You can also leave comments on that user from that page.

Let me know if there is any confusion or if this acts up in any way.

Thanks Mike I have been burned the last couple of things I ahem..."PURCHASED"
and we needed something just like that


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gsirca transaction

I see a lot of transactions on here where sellers need a lesson or two on customer service. A person's details of a transaction can help make or break a seller here on azb. Here are the details on my transaction...

I purchased some custom joint protectors made by gsirca (Greg). The set I wanted had already been sold but he offered to make me an identical set for the same price. He said he would have them made and shipped right out. After a few weeks nothing showed up and without hesitation Greg said he would make another set and ship them out to me.

He never asked for anything from me. No money, no "hey wait a little longer to see if they show up", nothing. It was past the reasonable time when they should have arrived and they hadn't. So he made another set and shipped them to me. They arrived today and I thought the very least I could do was to share my story.

Greg, thank you for the great looking joint protectors, and thank you for a great transaction!