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OK that was some serious trolling. I hope he doesn't find IP masking software.

A hyena can dress up as a tiger and fool people for a little while. Eventually, the laugh gives them away. He can’t help himself. He breaks character for one second, we will pick up on it.

I can’t, for the life of me, imagine being so desperate for acceptance, that I am consumed by being on this group. I’ve taken months away from the board, and was ok with the break.


apart of their 'semi public'
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Apparently it's just a suggested rule. I assume that's what the red means?

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Basically it is meant for people who try to skirt a ban by creating multiple accounts, or someone who creates another account for scamming purposes. There have been those who had multiple accounts for completely innocent reasons and when I find out about it, I let them decide with account will stay and which will be folded into the other account.


Apparently it's just a suggested rule. I assume that's what the red means?

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What if a poster was diagnosed with multiple personalities.
Could they then have several screen names?


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There was another shootingarts account for awhile when this one quit working. However, the name itself made it obvious that I wasn't trying to sneak around with a second account as did my first post.

Often the clowns that think they are clever don't realize that Admin and Mod's can see more than standard users. A person thinks they are hidden when they might as well have a brass band behind them!

One guy that was particularly annoying on my forum worked for a huge aircraft company and often logged in through their servers. After months and repeated warnings that I would, I called the IT department where he worked and told them to take care of the problem for me. They did. A hint, if you are going to engage in illegal activity, don't go through your work server!