Just a Beautiful Bushka


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Wow, what a great looking cue!
It looks pretty serious, nothing fancy, just ready to play.


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Great pickup! Old Bushkas are just as desirable as a cue gets. Love the Hoppe style butt!


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i am looking forward to getting this one

I bought one just like it from George in 1973

I ordered two more just like it right away

He called me about a month before he died and said they were very close
Then I heard he passed away

i don't think George made too many Hoppe butt cues,but
they are my favorites
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Island Drive

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Nice pic, reminds me of 1965 when a friend of mine in HS purchased a NEW Rambow, with all the inlays, $80.

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Beautiful cue, Sub! Out of curiosity, do you have any before pictures. I mean, before it was refinished?