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Arnot Wadsworth

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Hi - My name is Patch. I am 7 weeks young. I am the an apprentice Shop Dog. I take my work very seriously except at nap time.


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Well, at least one being has a clear job description in that shop. :)
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The Best Friend Ever!!

Truly Man's Best Friend..
Wads, You did good..

Hours of enjoyment and affection..
Good for your the Health too..
Only one thing Bad....
She'll be sniffing up all that Hazardous Dust!
Poor Puppy...:eek:

Thnaks for sharing..


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Nice tax write off.

Don't let him eat the snakewood chips or he will walk sideways for a day or two. Just ask mine.


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Congrats! -cute indeed... I have a pure Dachshund but he's too afraid of all the shop noise. Enjoy the new companion!


Rick Geschrey
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Hi Arnot,

Now all you have to do is teach him how the run your shaft machine and glue veneers!

Dogs are your true blue friends.



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He's awesome looking , a puppy- dog will bring so much joy and love in your life. my new summer puppy is now in beginner dog classes he has graduated from puppy class already . taking him has made him into a super nice well trained dog , great around customers and he loves going also. D Hill

Twisted Turtle

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Great lookin pup1 Enjoy him. My wife wanted a dog so we got a runt purebred female lab from the pound. Well she "was" my wifes dog now i think she,s all mine! Ron