RARE: 15 Centennial Cue Cases Still in Original Shipping Tube Boxes


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Here is something you won’t see every day....

In 2011 someone from Germany advertised on AZB a tooled Centennial case for sale. Expensive, but basically
still in the original shipping cardboard tube and wrapped.
Taken out only for pictures.

He didn’t get a response, because of price and overseas. After 2 days, I emailed him, and he called me the next day.
I liked him, and quickly we settled on a sale of the tooled case.

Then, the BOMBSHELL.....he asked if I would be interested in buying more if not tooled. I said I might be, but not nearly
at the price of a tooled one, and asked if he had one more. He said no, 15 MORE STILL IN TH3 ORIGINAL SHIPPING CARDBOARD TUBES!
I quickly bought all of them and still have them.

He flew to the BCA Trade show in circa 1990 to buy inventory as he was starting a billiard supply business, met Michael Bergman and ordered 16 cases.
When he got back to Germany, he decided to start a golf business instead. Several months later, the cases showed up.
He put them deep in a closet where they stayed for 21 years until I happened upon them 8 years ago.
Enjoy the pictures.

Will Prout


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a few more. Pictures...
Will Prout


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And more.....
Will Prout


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Do you have any cues with a similar inlay pattern to that case Will?


I don’t. It is a cue that was made by Richard Black, I believe called the Phoenix.
If someone has one in great condition I could be a buyer.
Thanks for asking.

Snooker Theory

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Thanks for your last few posts in the cue and case gallery, really enjoyed them immensely. Great story behind them as well


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it looks like you have too many centennial cases

perhaps i could help you thin the herd

very pretty cases centennials are my favorites


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Wow! Nice!

I found an original Kelli case, brown ostrich, still in the original packaging, brand new, last year. I though that was a big score...then I see this post. :eek:


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great cases, Will.
It was the year my Dad died and I wasn't much online so (maybe) I took some off if I know it.
you still have the Stingray Engles(I know) ;-)
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Wow! Wow!! What a fantastic collection of amazing cases Will! Glad they are in great hands. Thanks for sharing!