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R.I.P. My Friend

I woke up this morning with my wife saying, "Doug has passed away". I said, Doug Young? She said no Smorgass Bored. I couldn't move. She was reading a text message from a friend. That was over an hour ago!

As I choked back tears long enough to write this, I thought about how Doug is no longer suffering. I thought about the countless times that a guy, from across the country that I never met in person, made me LOL!

I will always cherish the numerous PM's and posts from Smorg. He was truly a giant of a man. I will miss him dearly!

My deepest condolences to Barbara and all of Doug's family and friends.


Doug Winslow

Semper Fidelis my friend
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Goodbye old friend. We were about to get ready to go and eat and I told my wife I had to see if Doug was still with us. Guess you're never really prepared for this kind of thing. I never met Doug in person but knew him through the wonder of the Internet from, I think, the early '90s on rsb. He made me laugh all most every day, even when he was disagreeing with someone.
Oy vay!! Viola!! He's making a One Pocket game with someone as I type, I'll bet.
Love ya Smorg!!!!!


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No one wanted to believe this was really going happen.

It is a sad thing in many ways and he will be missed by everyone.

Thank you to JoeyA, Shootingarts, and Bigtruck, (and others) who took time to help Smorgie through these final days and weeks. Your efforts were not only appreciated by those you were helping, but those of us here who would have liked to have done more.


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I can guarantee Smorg has them all in stitches where ever he is.:D.My deepest sympathy goes out to Barbara and Dougs family and friends.
You will be MISSED and NOT forgotten.


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I was afraid the end was near. Although I hated that he was in pain, I wanted him to keep fighting. Selfish I know, but now he is no longer suffering.

I know Doug is in a better place and hopefully making my Dad laugh fully from his belly like he didn't get to in his own last days.

Smorg will always remain part of the AZ Family and will always be in my heart and soul. He made AZ a better place - his new family are now the lucky ones!!

You will be sorely missed.

Barbara, we are all feeling your sorrow and wish you comfort and peace in these trying times as you try and go throughout your day with the numbness of knowing Doug is no longer around.

We love you both and are here for you if you need ANYTHING!

Sincerely and with all my heart,


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i never got to meet doug, but his posts brightened my day many times. I just hope that God is prepared for his sense of humor ;). my prayers go out to his family. R.I.P. smorgie.

Roger Long

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My prayers and condolences go out to not only Doug's wife, family, and close friends, but to all of us here on this board who will forever miss him. His wit and humor was uplifting, to say the least. This is a very sad day.


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RogerO, thanks for sharing. Quite a 1st post.

Oy Vey. So sad. His suffering is over, yes. I am hopeful he and Barbara had some moments in the final hours where calm and peace prevailed and he went with a loving smile on his face, with her hand wrapped in his.

I trust Doug is holding court upstairs, running rack after rack, all the while the opponents and railbirds laugh merrily and revel for their jolly new resident.

Strength be blessed to you Barbara.

Take care ole Smorgie, we'll see ya 'round the bend soon enough.



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He sure has made a lot of people laugh. Myself included. They're will never be another one like him. Rest in peace buddy. And best wishes to his family.


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I'm absolutely gutted to hear this news today. My deepest condolences to Smorg's family & friends, and I bet there are 1000's of friends out there.

Heaven got a whole lot funnier today.

Joe Pickens

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Big Time Bummer...

What a sad day this has just become. My prayers are with you Doug along with your family and friends.

Even though I never met Doug I considered him a friend. May you rest in peace...


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Indeed a sad day. Not shocking considering it all....but sad all the same.

He was loved and will be missed.


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When God created your mold, Doug, he didn't break it on purpose. You just had him laughing so hard he accidentally dropped it. We are so lucky to have been graced by your presence in this virtual world. I am deeply saddened to have not gotten the opportunity to meet you in person as I had so much wished to do some day. You are and always will be #1 around here.

Peace be with you and all that loved you.



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Heaven couldn't wait

:angel::angel: The big guy called him.

The forum was Dougs dance floor, as a pool table was mine. Thanks for the many dances that you shared with us all, you will be sorely missed.

My deepest condolences go out to his wife Barbara, his family, and all that knew this unique man. RIP Doug.

Deeply, Bill Incardona