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Terry Ardeno

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Logged in today for the first time in about 2 weeks and saw this thread. Last I heard he was losing some of the excess fluid and feeling a little better.....
Even though we knew how bad he was, it's still a shock to read that one of our most well liked members and recognizable forum names is no longer with us.....

Life sure is precious. I join my other friends here in praying God's blessing of peace and some comfort on Doug's family and friends.


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My condolences to DOUG'S family and many other friends.

DOUG, we're planning a get togethor down the road. We'll tip a few, have a ring game and fry some fish. It won't matter how you spice it or how much you eat:)

See ya soon, Adam


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My condolences to DOUG'S family and many other friends.

DOUG, we're planning a get togethor down the road. We'll tip a few, have a ring game and fry some fish. It won't matter how you spice it or how much you eat:)

See ya soon, Adam

Adam, maybe this isn't the perfect time to ask, but I don't think that Doug would mind at all. If I promise to not talk finances or politics, I'd love to join you will be a blast.



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RIP Smorgie, you will live on through this forum and our memories. What fine memories they are at that. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.



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Like others, I am numb right now, and sad, but also relieved that Doug's suffering is over. It was quite a ride while it lasted!

I'll never post a message here without thinking of SmorgassBored.

Sincerest condolences to Barbara in her grief.


I was thinking this very same thing when I read Post #1. (The tears are falling as I type ------> this is so hard!). I will especially remember Smorg on future threads that are in need of uplifting witticism and be thinking before typing as to WWSS (What Would Smorg Say) in order to bring things into proper perspective.

My deepest and sincerest condolences to family and friends.

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I just got home and this is very sad news indeed. Smorg, your humor will be sorely missed here my friend. My heartfelt condolences go out to all the familiy, which includes everyone here on AZ.


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RIP Doug...I hope you meet up with the others we have lost and have one hell of a ring game!

Barbara, my sympathy to you. I hope you read this and see how truly respected and loved Doug was here.


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Rest in peace my friend. Barbara, we've never met but Doug made me feel at home when I vacationed in Florida and drove to Tampa for a tournament. We all mourn your loss and pray for Doug and your family.



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We Will Miss You

I am sitting here with tears running down my face. It is a sad, sad day with Smorgie gone.

He has touched thousands here, and I can only imagine how wonderful he was in his way with many, many others through the years in places other than AZ.

My deepest sympathy to all of his family and friends.

Smorgie was special and unique, and for many years to come will be with us in our thoughts and memories. We are all better to have experienced AZ with him.

Will Prout


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I always had the feeling that posting on AZ Billiards and making on-line friends was a top priority in Doug's life. He succeeded at becoming the #1 personality in this forum.

Although I never met him, Smorgie seemed like a gentle, loving soul, who loved to entertain. He obviously has touched us here at AZ Billiards forums and I am sure he touched people throughout his life in the same way wherever he went.

For all the fun you brought us here for many years, Doug, wherever you are, I hope that you can hear the applause...

Your friend,



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Rest in peace Doug.

I wish I could have gotten to know him. From what I saw he was a good man.

Keep the AZ forums in sky ready for the day we are all together again.

My deepest sympathies to Dougs family.

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For the Great Smorgie ...

"Remember me when I’m no longer with you
When regretfully, I can no longer stay
Remember the great times we’ve had
When I’m no longer a part of your day

Remember me with a smile
And reminisce all your memories
Let them carry you somewhere far away
And soothe your soul like a cool Autumn breeze

But should you forget me for some reason
If remembering later on,
Cause sorrow to clutch your heart
I would rather you never remember me gone

Place me somewhere close to your heart and forget me there
If sadness is brought on by my memory
I'd rather you never realize my absence
Because I'd rather you smile, than Remember me. "

Rest in Peace Smorgie we love you ...


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A very sad day.
In honor of doug I'm eating a hundred wings, then going to the buffet and eating till they kick me out!!!! RIP my friend, you are missed.


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Our prayers are with the family. Your legacy on this forum will never be forgotten.