Smorg... AKA Doug


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RIP, my condolences to the family and to his personal friends, who kept us all updated.


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RIP Doug. :angel2:
You were one of those that live your life to the fullest.
You lived by the moto that We are here for a Good not a long time.
Fortunately, you given us all a good time for quite a long time.
Thank You My Friend. We will miss you.:crying::sad:


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Youll enjoy the place youre at now a lot more than this crap hole of a place called earth. We'll miss you bud. If you see my mom and brother, tell em i love them. Hopefully ill get to where youre at someday.
rest in peace


jay helfert

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I feel a little numb right now. I guess I was in denial that he would ever go. He just seemed like the bedrock of this forum. I didn't even know Doug but I'm in shock nonetheless. He sure left his mark here. As long as there is an AZ Forum Smorgass Bored lives!

Thanks for making this a better place Doug.
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Son of Smorg

Smorgass Bored ..... "Thank you,son. You were my best friend in Tampa and I will miss you and the fun times we had. POPS"

Even when times were down he always found a way to say the right thing . Right after i joined the forum last week he sent me rep which im sure was taxing for him todo. The above message was the last words i got from my pops smorg.. aka Doug I just wanted to share with everyone.

Pops will be very much be missed but never forgotten......


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My deepest condolences to Doug's family. It was a pleasure to have known him.



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Thanks for the memories Doug. Nothing that The Creator created dies. It just changes form.


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RIP Doug, thank you for bringing so much to this board, you will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your family today.


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> I never got to meet him either,and that sucks. He was a hell of a guy,and best wishes to his family. Tommy D.


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I've been dreading this day, knowing it was coming. Rest in peace Doug. My deepest condolences to his wife, family & friends. :angel2:


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Like some of you, I never had a chance to meet Doug. Sitting here reading these posts brings a tear to my eyes when i see how much one man was loved by so many. For those of you who knew Doug personally, I admire you for being able to know a man i wish i could've known. It's amazing how one mans words can bring an entire forum together. God bless Doug and his family as they go through these tough times. R.I.P SMORG. Jayson