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Stolen Tim Scruggs cue

I sold this cue on eBay last week and sent it to the Buyer in Pleasant Hill Iowa. My Mail Center did not check the box, "Signature Required," even though I had specified I required one. The cue was delivered to the address, but the Buyer says he did not receive it and has checked with neighbors, etc. I'm hoping whoever stole the cue will try to sell it, pawn it, or play with it. I'm including a link to the eBay site, where pics are available. I'm hoping that if anyone in the Pleasant Hill/Des Moines area sees it, someone will contact me and let me know. I filed a report with the local Police, who have told me to contact them if/when I hear something.

Thanks in advance.

eBay page:
Great Idea. But unlikely to get many results unless its a 1 off custom cue. A close friend of mine had a very expensive meucci stolen from right under his nose at a pool hall. It was a Friday night and very busy. He went to the bathroom and his cue was gone when he returned. About 3 months later at the same place he seen a guy playing with the same cue. He questioned him and the guy came up with a computer printed receipt. The local police were called and the guy was able to walk out with the cue no charges pressed. The worst part was my buddy knew it was his cue from the mark made on the forearm from a rough edge in an old case he was using. Its sad but never leave your cues unattended and you won't have to worry about getting ripped off.


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This really is a great idea. Only problem I see is I don't have a picture of my cue that was "lost" and now I can't get a picture. It never occurred to me to take a picture of my cue prior to losing it. Would a written description work as well?


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2 cues stolen

I thought i would never have to post something like this but...
I was at the BCA tournement in Las Vegas last weekend and put my sticks back in my case and put my case againest a chair and turned my back and someone (scum-bag) had walked away with them.
they are as follows

1 Paul Dayton w/2 shafts Gancolo Aves w/6 African Blackwood points southwest style, black and white verneers

2 Pete Ohmen (OMEN) jump/break Curly Maple with black joints
2 shafts 1 OMEN and 1 w/a single metal ring

also they got my case it was a J. Flowers Tribute case Cigar style
black and an orange-tan color pockets and strap

I along with alot of people i do not have any pictures of my cues (im an Idiot) but any information would be helpful

Joe Thornton


Just had a couple cues ripped off while at school yesterday. An Adam/Balabushka GB-1, Predator BK2 wrapless, and this:



I'm in the Portland, OR area if anyone sees this. Thanks.


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willie hoppe

A older gentleman I know from the local pool
hall told me his uncle sent him a Brunswick
hoppe when he was a teenager. He played
with it for 25-30 years until it was stolen in
New York many years ago. It is unique as it
has an ivory hoppe ring with his name engraved
on the ring. The name on the ring is Dean Lytle
so if anyone has seen it or knows who has it
please let me know. He would love to get it back.
Dean has since passed away so if you have it just
keep it.
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Hello all. I am posting this to help a friend out. This cue was stolen from Peter Dimmick back in May when he was attending and playing in the One Pocket and 10 Ball events in Vegas. The cue was taken right out of the practice room that was set aside for the Pro's to prepare for their matches.

This is a Dave Jones Custom Cue. If anyone comes across the cue you can contact Dave, Peter or myself directly. Thank you.

View attachment 185020

View attachment 185021

View attachment 185022

View attachment 185023

View attachment 185024
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Very slim cue stolen

An unusually light and thin cue made from a green Predator SP blank, now with a black phenolic joint, was stolen from the Marina district in San Francisco a couple of years ago or so. You can't miss it. It's really skinny and really light (15-16 oz.). This was a very early cues which I made, and the owner would like to get it back. Thanks for any leads.


McDermott cue stolen in Waco TX... over 25 years ago (reward for recovery, lol)

Well... it will definately be some kind of record if my post on this forum actually leads to the recovery of this stolen pool cue... but what the heck... it may be worth a try, lol. This was a cheap cue, but it would be cool for our sons to see the "first custom cue that mom and dad ever owned"... if it ever happens to turn up. (But this stick has probably been used for firewood by now, since it's been over 25 years since I last saw it!) If anyone ever does happen to see it, contact me at 254.495.9771 text or cell... and I will make it worth your time if I actually get the cue back... thanks... not holding my breath, though :)

Cue Description: Engraved on the butt... "Cathy Jo... Carl Ray"... and here is a McDermott photo of the D-9 model (photo file attached)

Cathy Jo Sawyer Almanza
254.495.9771 text or cell
or find me on facebook


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sticky sticky

big can of worms
get them in the act
hear lies lester moore shot 4 times with a 44 no less and no more....


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Just Had a Meucci 97-22 Cue stolen in Burlington Iowa. Between 12:45am and 7pm June 22. It has a black with orange Spackle irish linen wrap coated over like meucci does. and a white joint collar instead of a stainless steel. Black dot shafts. If anyone in the area see this cue please pm,email or call me. 3195728610 cue has sentimental value to me.


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I live in Miami fl about 2001 I got a hold of a custom cue from Abe Rich over at starcue I left a local pool hall one night in 2007 and I accidentally left the cue in my car the next day at work they stole my truck with my Abe Rich cue in it, I know I messed up, but I am to this day hating my self everyday I wake up for losing that cue, I have never seen the cue again it's a cue he made in 1962 when it was originally named Florida cue anyway the cue has a maple shaft a brass joint and made of cocobollo wood and the butt had marble inlay had a black Irish linen wrap and above the wrap it had a sticker that said Florida cue and a pool table with two cues over it, it was a beautiful cue and hit like no other I do not have pics of it but it may be a long shot but it's worth a try


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McDaniels Cue

I just talked to my buddy in Tenn.
He too is a member of AZ Billiards.
He had an old 1 of a kind 6pt. McDaniel stolen out of his case.
It has 6 ebony floating pts. w/ivory tear drops in the pts. & butt sleeve.
BEM forearm, SS joint, 1 used shaft with a wobble.
The thief left the perfect shaft, ha, ha.
The cue was verified as original when Thomas got the cue.
Any info would be extremely helpful.
No pics as of yet.

Thank you,


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possibly a predator ikon2 newest version with an ob1 turned down to 12.5mm. taken at an apa match, I have the serial number and pics of it..If anyone in or around meriden ct happens to see this put together please pm me...My teammates tell me that this happens all the time and they just picked up the wrong cue, and some how left thier 50buck cue there that looks nothing like it inculiding not having a maple furrell..I am in contact with all of these people and may get it back soon, But just incase I need feelers out there if it has been taken..
Again if you have any doubt on an ikon2(plain jane burgundy curly maple w. leather wrap& uni-loc joint, it should have an ob1 with a kamui black that has been turned down .5mm, if you think you know it or see it please contact me I have serial numbers pics and all the origonal repicets. thanks az;ers...I will keep updated if i do get it or if it has truly been taken, its on..


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Cues stolen at Cains in Inman, SC

My cues were stolen from Rasin Cains in Inman, SC. Stolen was a 4x8, Sterling case, EbStl1 Schon, Green Viking and a Black Furry jump Break, and a limited edition Furry jump cue - numbered 39 0f 100.

I'm offering $350 dollars for return or information on who stole them.
Call Bobo at 864-978-9871
Donnie Davenport
Lucasi Cues Predator shaft stolen in Chicago

My car was broken into early morning of 10/30 in the Wicker Park neighborhood, and I left my cues in the trunk for the first time in the last year. Stupid, but this is what I lost. Pretty broke, but I'll give some type of reward for their return -- only expensive possession I had.

Two Lucasi butts and, three shafts (two Lucasi, one Predator 314-2) in a square, black leather J&J case (fit exactly 2B/3S).

1. Lucasi Hybrid Cue -- I think it might be the L-H40 model (, but it didn't have "Lucasi" written in script font on the butt; it was the "Lucasi Hybrid" font. Wrap was a little peeled in placed and I think there were a couple minor dings.

2. Lucasi Jump Break -- Believe model L-2000JB1 (http://www.billiardsupplyuniverse.c...000jb1-lucasi-specialty-pool-cue_4043588.html) The butt cap was dirty and the paint was a little cracked.

1. Predator 314-2 Silver Ring -- A lot of blueing and at least one ding about 8"down. Black Kamui SS tip.
2. Lucasi Hybrid shaft -- had no markings on it (no "Lh"), but had a custom taper down to 11.75 mm and a shorter, yellow/cream ferrule. Smooth great condition, minus crack on collar. Black Kamui SS tip.
3. Lucasi Jump Break Shaft -- railroad collar, and one piece, black ferrule and tip.

Anyway, I've heard nothing thus far, but I have a police report out and would appreciate any information that can lead to the return of the cues.

Sorry for the crappy first post -- I've lurked for a long time though.
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