TAR Podcast with Efren and Shane this Thursday 9PM EST


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For both ask who they think is the best money match player and tournment player is currently? And who gambles the best playing for there own cash!

also How do they decide what bridge to use closed/open for certain shots?


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To Efren

To Efren: Good luck playing Shane, Efren! Last year when you visited the U.S. you did not seem to be playing as well as you are playing this year. You also look happier and healthier. Have you made some changes in your life?


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Can you ask each to walk us through their shot routine?

How they line up.
What they may be thinking or picturing. Etc.


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Are you afraid of any colors?

Like, blue, for example. So when you're shooting the two ball, you get really nervous.


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Efren, before a big tournament, what do you do to get prepared, do you practice alone, do you gamble, and are there certain shots or drills you shoot to get loose?

Shane, Being regarded as possibly the best pool player of all time, what would you like to see out of pool in the future (tours and more tournaments) also do you have specific goals at this time of your career? Mabye a certain tournament you would like to win?


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For Both:

Is there a particular way that you try and hold the cue in your backhand? i.e. Lee Brett says to use the V-grip method. I was just wondering if you use more of what feels/comes natural to you or did you have to try and incorporate a new grip technique...

The reason I ask this question is because I was experimenting with wrist angels and sometimes it seems that when you try and hold your wrist parallel with your arm, you get more a straight accurate hit.

Thank you.


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Question for either player

If there was a legitimate pro tour with 16 stops per year, and 1st place was around (or greater than) $100,000

Would you still gamble as much, or would your main focus be on playing tournaments?

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This Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern Efren Reyes and Shane Van Boening will be in the TAR Studio for a Podcast the night before they face off in TAR 39. The last time these two did a podcast together it was one of my favorite things I have been a part of since TAR started.

The plan is to have the players answer your questions and hit some balls around on the table while doing so. TAR 39 will feature Rotation as one of the games and I will ask Efren to go through the rules and specifics of that game so people can have an understanding of whats coming on Saturday night.

The podcast is free on Thursday and the links to purchase this weekends match are available now at http://theactionreport.com/seating/ . If you are in the Vegas area this weekend and want to come watch the match in studio there are a few seats still available. The price is $50 per day and you can reserve one by contacting me at justin@theactionreport.com

If anyone has any questions they would like answered please post them up. IT seems I never get all of them asked but I do try to get through as many as possible and they are a big help to getting good info out of the players. So if there is something you want to know or ask these guys just post it up.

I think it's great having Rotation as part of this match. It's a great game!


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For Shane; How has your Quetec R360 shaft been modified?
I ask because it appears to have a smaller diameter and longer ferrule?

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Shane : does the U.S. need a men's "player association" (other than ABP)

Shane : is Bonus ball good or bad

Shane: do you have a pet. If so, what kind.

Shane: what's your favorite fish to eat.

Efren: what's your favorite American food.

Efren: do you have a pet. If so, what kind.

Efren: what's your fave country to play pool in.


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Shane: What's your shaft diameter and what tip are you currently playing with? Also what's your favorite glove to use since you use so many.

Shane: What do you look at last before pulling the trigger, the cue ball or object ball? Or Shaft?

Efren: If you could play one last match before you retire, who would it be against and what game?


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has Efren had the chance to watch or Play any Bonus Ball? Will he be dropping by the studio while in Las Vegas? I think he would look good in one of the jerseys

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For Efren:

Obviously Parica and him have had their battles. Jose infers that he has gotten the best of Efren gambling. Is this the case? At his prime does he see him as his greatest competitor or was it the American's like Mike Sigel and Earl S?

To Justin:
Who will be in the commentary box for this event?

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For Shane

If you were playing like you are today, but Efren was in his prime, how much different do you think your odds would be against him in all 3 disciplines?

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To both: I once heard a great player (George rood) say "you have to learn how to lose in order to learn how to win." Do you think that's true? Why? How?


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Just some questions I would like to ask:

To Shane:
If you were to steer away from pocket billiards (pool) for a vast amount of time, would you ever consider trying another form of billiards such as Snooker, English Billiards, Carom (from Freegame through Three-Cushion), Russian Billiards?

To Efren:
When you mention an American man named "Jack" that wrote about you in the 1970s, was it the sports writer, John Grissim?

Explain a little bit more about your times in the 1970s (if you are comfortable enough to).