Thank you, Billy Incardona


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Billy Incardona and Danny Diliberto are the 2 best commentators (booth players) in pool. I've improved my pool knowledge significantly from listening to their commentary over the years. :thumbup:


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Hey Sean, play fair and don't be puttin' none of those "JB" moves on my writing :thumbup:!!!


<chuckling> I wasn't sure if that were too subtle; to the point that folks wouldn't notice. Glad you did, though! ;)

-Sean <-- "but sir, it was just a wee bit change in punctuation, certainly innocuous, yes?" :D


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I can't make up my mind....which would be the better book?
Billy Incardone on action stories?...or one-pocket instruction?

jay helfert

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I had the extreme pleasure of sitting in the booth with Billy for one match at the U.S. Open Ten Ball, and let me tell you it was just as interesting for me sitting next to him and listening while he explained One Pocket strategy.

I realized that my commentary was One Pocket 101, all the basic shots and moves that we've seen multiple times in countless matches. Billy's commentary is One Pocket 501, for the advanced player or fan to appreciate. I can honestly say I learned a few things while sitting there next to Billy. I was all ears just like you were.

By the way, if TAR makes it available I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Hot Seat match with Shane and Darren. In a word it is SENSATIONAL pool by two of the games greatest players! I mean they lit up the table with one great shot (or move) after another. It was actually better played than the Final.

Thanks again to Justin and TAR for bringing great One Pocket to the world!


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i always look forward to Billy's comments

when he is not commenting i turn down the volume


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Pool players rarely say nice things about other pool players.

I asked Buddy Hall about Billy and he said for a period of time, Billy was the best 9 ball player in the country.

Pretty nice compliment from a guy that most think is the best 9 ball player of all time.



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i'm sorry...i don't know much about Mr Billi Incardona....who is he? i know he is very good he a coach or mentor in POOL game? thanks for posrting this thread..... i believe many country in Asia could use him as a coach or something to improve their game...just an idea offcourse

I would define BC as a master of the game. There are "A" players and there are masters.
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I like Billy, but sometimes he talks a little too much. My favorite
is Danny Diliberto and when he was alive Grady Matthews