Unknown "monster" players


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Who is Vernon Reid? The Vernon who has been spoken of here is Vernon Elliot.

He is the guitar player in Living Colour:



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There was a guy named Frazier in nc /va. area who used to beat about everybody around, I don't know what happened to him. very smooth with both hands.


Anyone ever hear of Terry Porter? He is an older fella from my hometown in Muscatine, Iowa. The way people talk he was a great player back in his day. I believe he grew up in southern Missouri as a kid. Any info or stories would be great to hear.


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pittsburgh mike.

Mike katsuris,from washington,pa took down one of the biggest prize money event in the 80s,in las vegas,he placed 1st in miller lite world tavern bar pool championships,for a cool 25,000 dollars,that was a lot of money for a pool tournament back then!

Mr. Wiggles

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Randy Estes

Wow, what a thread. I knew I should've started paying more attention to this place a long time ago, lol. I've hardly screwed a cue together in about 4 years or so but I'm starting to get the bug again.

I haven't read the whole thing but saw some of the OK player related posts and a few folks came to mind.

Tom Schultz (RIP), otherwise known as Tommy Tucker or just Tucker. Played in the 60's, 70's, and early 80's. He ran around with Norman Hitchcock but mostly stayed out of the tournies and concentrated more on the practice rooms. He put the cue down for several years then picked it up again in the early 90's. Godzilla stroke. Cancer got him.

I used to see Driller play some pretty pool in OKC.

Someone mentioned Larry Humphries. If memory serves he's actually from Duncan, not Lawton. Haven't seen or heard of him in forever.

A couple of guys came through in about '91 or so from Colo. Springs. Older of the two, maybe late forties, called himself The Cowboy claimed to own a poll room up there, and the younger known as Andre. We took 'em for a little bit and never saw 'em again.

Jr. Brown was mentioned earlier, he definitely was NOT an unknown in KS and OK.

Donnie Brown was in OK a bunch in the 90's, no idea what happened to him.

Anybody know of Cricket that used to live around Enid? He kept a really low profile. How about Randy Estes?

Anyone know of a hustler from Kentucky (I think) name Rusty. A horse rancher brought him out to OK around 93 or so. Only played as good as he had to in order to win. No idea how good he actually could shoot, but it was always just good enough.
Randy from Enid has been playing lately at Black Gold, Remington Park and this weekend at AAA on tenth st. Nice fellow.


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Anyone ever hear of Terry Porter? He is an older fella from my hometown in Muscatine, Iowa. The way people talk he was a great player back in his day. I believe he grew up in southern Missouri as a kid. Any info or stories would be great to hear.

Terry played at the last big tournament at Shooters in Olathe, KS in January. He was in the money and I didn't know him. Danny Dysart told me that he was a very good player. I watched one of his matches and he was very solid. You could tell that he was/is a good player.


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is chuck morgan the player who's main thing was the horse track?

I used to watch Chuck Morgan in the 70's throw out 15 balls and run out in rotation back in Cleveland at the La Cue on west 25th st. He also played Bugs to a stand still banking in Hudson Ohio at the Hill Top.


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Harry "Poochie" Sexton from the Detroit area. Out of great respect the late "Poochie" should be part of this thread. In his early days he ran with Buddy Hall. He told me once that Buddy told Pooch that he could give him the eight, and Poochie respectfully said that "He probably could." Not a whole lot of weight from Buddy. A GREAT nineball player! Didn't play the other games though, other than maybe straight pool. When breaking, he'd set the cueball almost at the headstring and bridge off the backrail (LONG stretch). He would come out of his shoes, cueball crushing the 1, flying straight up in the air a foot or two or three, then squatting it in the center of the table. Over and over and over again. Position play was maestro-like. A fierce competitor that truly enjoyed watching his opponents "crack." (He told me so) A big, big heart too, though. Miss him. Maybe some of the old timers has a story or two about a player many of you haven't even heard of.


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Bucky Souvanthong up until the SBE this year where he won the open ;)

How about that Annigonni fella -------> :eek:uttahere:

Oh and Waterdog from New York :cool:


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In my town there is a lot of talk about, "Julio" from new york somewhere near buffalo. People that I know that travel and gamble say, 'stay away from him if you like your money.' Anyone know this guy? He supposed to be really talented.


unknown Monsters

I knew Baltimore Buddy personally, would like to contact him if anyone can post how.

Speaking of unknowns, back in my day, 60's & 70's.........Sam Forester, Ed Kelley, Richard Riggy, Weenie Beanie, were probably the best known players then in the metro area Jam mentioned. Unknowns ......Tennessee robbed everybody, Monk did quite well too, so did Dickie Stebbins, Buddy had lottsa talent but never quite lived up to it as others have alluded to. This brings me to the one guy with the most talent I ever saw & played against, who would rank with any & all those previously mentioned unknowns. He was from Salisbury, Maryland, worked for Purdue, Inc.
( chicken company ). His name was Auggy Gordy. Ran hundreds so quick & so effortlessly like nobody & possessed the smoothest slip-stoke one would ever see. He was like a machine. Humble man & as nice a person would ever find in a pool room.

Anything about Baltimore Buddy would be appreciated.


unknown monsters

To TOP CAT1953...........you mentioned some strong players from Pa. I played Joe Veasey in Jack & Jills in Suitland, Maryland in the early 60's. He had a partner with him at that time, whose name I forgot. He was known as " the dancer. " Since we're all remembering when, might you know that person. Also, I fondly remember Peter Rabbit as the # 1 greatest pool character I'd ever met. He was a magician "spinning the rock." To watch him & Joe DiMaggio play one-whole was undoubtedly the best pool entertainment one could hope to ever see.

Rick S.

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Saw Donnie Brown a few days ago at a little pool hall around here. Drunk as a skunk and offering almost anyone in the bar the 6 out wild and the breaks for 50 a game. Finally got a pretty good player to bite and wound up beating him for 5 or 6 games. Guy never plays pool anymore and can still offer up that kind of weight, pretty impressive. And always entertaining.

Dennis the Menace.....

All kinds of natural talent. It's a shame he don't play.

Where are you at Ok-Tx?