What key ways will you try to improve your pool game for 2013?

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Meaning, what are you going to do to improve your pool game for this New Year? I am going to practice even more this year! Banks, kicks, and hard shots are all I practice, a little more cue ball control too. Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your input.
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Lock N Load.


I am going to keep working on my need style of the way I use English I just started using on Sunday after reading a small post on the forums and that basically using mainly only center cue ball and hardly moving my English from it. It has already changed my game for the better.

I just need to relearn all my English from my old way but after I do I will then try to mix the 2 ways up so I can cut like nobody else around. I am one of the worst bankers around so I specialize in cutting shot's that look impossible.


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First of all I plan on playing even more this year than last and in doing so trying to have more pure practice sessions. I want to improve my break, speed control, get more accustomed to inside english, and keep working to straighten my stroke out and stay down on shots.


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Hello LnL,

I really need to put time in for my break. I have had it as a low priority for some time now. What I need to do is start some kind of creative break practice. You know?,... like see how many times I can cut the 1 ball into the side in 10 breaks or something like that. I'll always be working on position. Seems,(from practicing w/others), that there are many ways to skin a 9-ball :D
Nice thread ! (makes us think about HOW we need to improve) thanks :thumbup:
Happy New Year !


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work more on my PSR and try to use it every shot. I get in a hurry sometimes and just get down and fire and that is usually when I miss. Also need to hit the ball slower and not so hard.

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Work on a structured practice program.
I've been playing about 50 years and never thought it was worth the time. Now I realize I was wrong. {Better late than never I guess}
Find one like PAT that tells me where my weaknesses are and try to make those areas better.


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I'm going to really give CJ Wiley's 'touch of inside' a good go after I finish the individual money league I'm in. There are about 11 wks. left though. I gave it another 3 hours today & had a couple of break throughs. It has a lot of potential, a lot.

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I plan to exaggerate more. That has historically improved my game more than anything else anyway. :embarrassed2:

Oh...and I plan to get a table so I can hit balls for hours at a time every day like I did 25 years ago.



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I had a couple buddies of mine fix my alignment and my arm swing. Im going to work on that.


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Well this is gonna sound completely different from everyone here, but I'm actually gonna try and play a little less lol. Go back to the gym and have a great diet like I did before I started playing pool and work a lot on my mental game. Every time I've felt well rested, excersiced and ate good for the whole week I've ran a 5 pack of 9ball lol so there's something there, Mika also said it was fundamental for the game. As for the rest keep doing what I'm doing, seems to be working, keep getting lessons, gambling a ton and play as many tournaments that I can. :)


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Randy G and Pool School

Ill be in Dallas Tx with Randy G to give him his biggerst challange yet, me. I leave January 18 for the week end and hope he dosent break my stick over my head.

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For me it will be more of maintaining the status quo and playing One Pocket as intelligently as possible.
Have a good new year, Lock, my friend. :smile:


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My key way to improve my pool game would be trying to get more time to practice on a real table.
And more practice. Period.(no matter if it's on a real pool table or on my dresser and floor like I do at the moment)
At least 40 hours a week, just practice. No games. After a few months of practice - start competitive shooting and more practice.
My goals are set high and besides an opportunity to practice on a real table the only thing that stands between me and achieving those goals is me!


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I will find center ball I will.

Hi Slasher,

I am 100% positive sure that you WILL find center ball.

The question is, how many times will you FIND center ball in the whole of 2013!:wink:

Best Wish & Happy New Year!

Oh yeah, good luck in finding that center ball.:wink:


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I think for this year since I got a table again I can hopefully start practicing more. But I really need to work on the mental game. I beat myself more than I beat my opponent.

CJ Wiley

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CJ Wiley -Personal Training in DFW-ATLANTA-LAS VEGAS

I'm setting up a unique practice/training center in Dallas/Ft. Worth with all the "bells and whistles". The table was just installed last week and we're installing the cameras, TVs, etc. this weekend.

My "New Years Commitment" is to start personally training more people here in Dallas/Ft Worth, and Johnny Archer and I are talking about doing a monthly in Atlanta, and maybe Las Vegas.

If anyone's interested in getting on the shedule you can email me - cj@cjwiley.com (my inbox on AZ stays pretty full).

The rates will be VERY reasonable for the first people that sign up and will be adjusted according to "supply and demand". I intend on staying VERY busy these first few months of this year teaching the TOI, advanced stroke and position techniques, as well as everything I offer on my DVD's - for more info www.cjwiley.com

My goal is for everyone to improve and enjoy the Game as much as possible in 2013, and I hope to be of assistance, either on AZbilliards, Face Book or doing personal training/seminars/lessons in DFW, Atlanta, Las Vegas. I know the Game of pool in 2013 is going to be full of "surprises". :eek::);) 'The Game is the Teacher'