What's the best cue you've ever shot with?


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House cue, or any other cue that you had chance to know how it behaves when English is applied at different bridge length. Make sure it is nice and smooth.


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Scruggs and a close second to an ivory jointed Gina.

You need to try them, not all cues by the same maker play the same.


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+1 for South West... I THOUGHT my favorite was my full spliced Hill /w micarta ferrules but now it plays second fiddle to my SW. It's pretty much magical.


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Not talking about looks, but playability, hit, feel....

Tie with my Jim Buss and my Greg Pierce.

I know it seems odd that I didn't say a GinaCue, a Richard Black, a Szambotti, Joss West, and Black Boar and I've hit with all of those over the years. I just like the Jim Buss and the Greg Pierce the best so far. Perhaps I will change my mind when my new Bender arrives.


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My beloved Lucasi of course.
Now to be real. I had a Meucci in the mid 80's that was magic in my hands.
But the pure best hitting cue was a Gus Szamboti that I got to play with but not own.And the McFadden I have now plays so smooth it's like silk.


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my masonh, bryan mordt and gilbert j/b are next on the list in that order. i played with a really great sw years ago but imo dollar for dollar any of the other cues are more cue for the money


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This one that was a friends, till he sold it.


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I shot a few with a nice old Scruggs with a stack leather wrap. It was stone sweet. That and yes, you guessed it,, My Josie.

Mark Shuman