What's the best cue you've ever shot with?


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My old Schon R12, with the main reason being I have more time with it than any other cue. It is like a faithful old dog that has not forgot how to hunt.

There was a Boti that I shot with recently that I would like to have tried out for a longer test to see if it would be a replacement, but it was out of my pocketbook range. :smile:


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I would say my Anwar custom cue

especially the one constructed with an African Ebony forearms...solid feel and balanced with a 430-433 grams butt and a 120 grams shaft...thats the way I liked it...the total weight will be around 19.3-19.6oz...gives out good balanced power with effortless swing...after playing with my game raises around 60% accuracy in placing the cue ball.

Cues I have tried and played with in my life time are, TADs, SouthWests, Jeff Olneys, Al bautistas, Zambotys...mass production cues Mc Dermotts, Schons, Predators, Vikings, Lucassi...they are all have unique feels.

Maybe Anwar custom cues is new to lots of AZers...but is well known in Indonesia, and is quite well known to some other countries like the Philipines, Singapore, Malaysia...

Ricky Yang is also very suitable with Anwars cues...I wrote a little review on him aswell


The way the cue hits and the LD ness of the shaft and the PRICE wise....I definitely go with the Anwar Custom Cue. IMO
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Best cue?

I'm sure many of these play great, but I always tell my friends- "Save your money and just buy a South West. Then you can quit looking".


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I love the hit of his cues sneaky pete or high dollar custom they all hit great.


4 pages and only one production - and a cuetec at that.

I'll vote for a Predator Blak 4 a friend plays with. Moves the ball with obscene ease.

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Old Gus with the points raised up and in desperate need of a refinish.

I have yet to play with ANYTHING at any price that touches that crusty, nasty old cue. It is the standard I strive for (well, not the finish) in the cue projects I have done for myself.

It was 59", had a half-dozen shafts for it, blue in the veneers and was sold to a collector in Japan I think...

"The one that got away."


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Falcon 5/16 x 14 stainless joint Pred 314-2 shaft. Hits better than my custom cue....


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Best Cue

I have had a lot of cues , But right now I won't giveup
my Bob Owen .


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I've hit with alot of cues from custom to production.Outside of Predators shafts which I really love,I had a Varney that hit the ball nice a Pierce that was nice,Lambros that felt good but this Scott Gracio cue I recently got with no Predator shafts,just maple ones that hit the ball so well.I've never shot with maple shafts that played this well.The joint is sort of odd,its a 3x8x10 G-10 black pin like a Cog which I heard softens the hit but the joint is black Phenolic sleeved around brass,then the brass is sleeved around the wood.Tremendous hit and feel to this cue,stiff with a whack of feel.This is one cue that was going to be a selling item but I don't think its going anywhere now.Takecare:smile:


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Truly funny

Read the thread from the start

Question... What is best cue?

The vast majority of the answers are "my .........."

Key word being MY

Ron F

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Jerry -R-

You will get a thousand different answers. Hit is subjective and everyone likes something diferent.

But since you asked, I personally love the way my wrapless/hoppe Full Splice 8 Point Jerry -R- cue plays. Clean crisp hit and he nailed my specs on the cue. Weight, balance, looks...it has it all!!!

I feel the same about my Bushka Tribute cue that Jerry -R- made. Hit, feel, balance, feedback...it's all there. And looks are in the eye of the beholder, but Jerry got it really close to the original.

Ron F