why the hell do people call a cue a monster or hits a ton !!! , that just turns me off . any reason


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I assume just another adjective to be creative. People get tired of seeing the same wording and such. I don't mind monster because lots of work I can agree to monster but hitting a ton thing makes me laugh.

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Simply put, a "Monster" cue is one that has a lot of well executed work in it. There aren't many in that category. I'm not so sure about "hitting a ton." I guess that means it has a good clean hit, which is the way I would describe a cue that hits good. To me the best hitting cues go through the ball effortlessly and there is only a momentary crisp contact when striking the cue ball. There should be little to no sound either.


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I mean, there are only so many adjectives to describe a decorated wooden stick.

Stick good, many colours, hit ball, hit man on head. Have nice stick, impress woman, take home to cave.
I don't know that these are terms that I would use, but I think I can appreciate the meaning.

Imagine you set up a shot into a corner, object ball one foot from the pocket, cue ball one foot from the object ball, drawing straight back to the second diamond. Really stroke the hell out of it. See how much it draws. One rail? Two? Holy hell, it drew around the world and back? Hit ten shots with that cue and then ten with another cue.

You might end up thinking that one of them hits it a ton and the other doesn't.


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is it a ongoing joke ?? something im missing
The same reason that when you go to a used car lot you see signs like " Sweet car. Runs fine. Owned by little old lady". Puffery as JudgeJudy calls it. Part of selling stuff, the build-up. BTW, my Mezz plays fantastic but i've yet to weigh its awesomeness. ;)