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I want to add you the list for cuesmith but you gotta give me some contact info. Toronto east is pretty vague. Even if it is not a site. Like address/ phone # / email, etc.
pkh1960 is rob harris using his brothers account on here cause he is banned. rob told me that while he lived with me. rob stayed with me for 9 months working in my shop and working for me until he stole from me and i kicked his ass out of my home and my shop. so now he is trying to defame me to no avail. cause he is an egotistical maniac.
Afternoon-I would like to order 6 medium blacks, 2 ivory mediums, and 2 fire mediums-My paypal is and my shipping address is Bill Dutton PO Box 54 Freeman Va 23856-If I need to do anything else just let me know- thanks Bill
Mark Denton has never built a cue. Built by others. Get your money and run away as fast as you can. Best of luck.
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you rob harris are a piece of shit freeloading lying dirt bag. i feel sorry for gilbert who is your next victim you coward pussy.
Hello, I'd like to say I appreciate how you handling things on here. If nothing else, you've won a supporter / fan in me.
Have a good day.
Just saw this looking for something else —- thanks a ton Dimeball. It’s rough out there, lol.
Fran, over 20+ years ago you had a friend from Houston that I played pool with At a Clicks. You were associated with Corner Billiards in New York at the time. He had a significant position at City Hall at one time. I’m trying to remember his name. Thanks. Bill Asher, Fair Oaks Ranch Texas.
Hi Bill. You're probably thinking of Dan Jones.
Brookeland Bill
Brookeland Bill
That’s correct. I’m going to try and look him up. Thank you.
McDermott 222, i can offer you a Postal money order for $275.00 for your cue, looking for a decent cue for my grandson.
hey hey.. Manzino.. you on facebook?
Yes I am. You can text me too - 541-430-5122.
I’m definitely flexible on the manzino.
Hello Kimmo,
I have read the thread about the extension, however the article is from 2016 and therefore I unfortunately do not know if your offer to send an adapter is still current.
Do you still have an adapter over? If so, would you also send this to Germany and at what price?
A bumper can apparently be screwed into the adapter?

Greetings, Christian
What is the butt weight and total cue weight? Thanks.
Actually, anything less than 15.0 will work.
I miss alot
I miss alot
Yep no problem I got it right about 14.4. I’ll send the other weight bolt also incase you want to add another half once. The shaft weighs 4 oz.


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I miss alot
I miss alot
Cue has been shipped out, the tracking number is on PayPal. Thanks Bob let me know when you get it.
Probably 2 weeks . I need some info . Less time if coins . 2 weeks were with engraving . Thanks .
I'm interested in a 3/8-10 standard set of sanding mandrels in .840 if you have them. Please reply.

Charlie Gould
I lived on 9 mile and John R, went to a pool hall in Madison Heights most of the time, but went to Rack a lot also. Welcome to the AZ