Thanks for the greenie, gabesmom. I did have to chuckle because like me, that post has some age on it.
I've seen Gabe play and he's great. You must be very proud. Also, he gives the appearance of being a nice young man, as well. Thanks again.
Thanks Eric - hope the new business is going well. Let's get together this summer when you come back into town for a drink at least or bang balls if you're feeling better - I want to hear about your new business and your latest observations about pool.

Take care,

Bill any chance we can get together soon for some 14.1 or just pool of any kind?
I have accepted a new position in McCook, Illinois and will start that job on June 15th so I am leaving for Chicago on June 14th.
We really should get together at least once before I leave then maybe I could use what I learn against Dennis when I get out there....:)}
I would get lost in your house.I almost get lost in mine and ours is only a little over 4000SQ.
The community is like living in a park.Everyone has at least 5 acres and it's an equestrian community.I will call you if we are coming out.
yo man who else were you kicking it with in vegas. yours was the only profile i could remember. you guys get held up because of the president too? i was stuck in the vegas airport for 6 extra hours
my number is 702-241-8000, i dont check voice mail but its awalys on, i do check txt messages all the time, I'm on 11 acres with about 71000 feet under roof and about 50,000 is livable, there are 8 buildigs on the compound and major security. your more than welcome to come see it, thats the best time of year, my house in LA is 2,000 sqft, my shower in vegas is bigger than my bedroom in LA-LOL

keep intouch


your avitar is the best, thats how I felt yesterday, i couldnt express it better. thats just great.

nice to meet you,

im Eric aka Fatboy(since 86),

kindest regards

i hope they get a android version soon, my iPhone is just about dead from old age and use, I have a new droid I really like,

nice to meet you,

I wasnt at the Riv much this year, between my back and biz stuff I didnt get there much. Everything looked to be great and everyone I sopke to had a great time. You do one heck of a job, bravo!!!!

I hope your ventures this year all work out, I was wrong when I said it was going to be a interesting year-its been a rather normal year. I hope sales are strong at Diamond for you as well.

please say hello to Sunny, as I didnt see her this year, infact I didnt even make it into the tournment room for the 10 ball tournment.

best regards,

Eric :)
it was great to see you, the whole RIV thing got messed up, I was in terrible pain the day we met, 3 days later I was ok then I got hit with a pile of biz stuff that I couldnt push foward to this week, I worked until Sunday nite, Took yesterday off. I might go sweat Daz/Chris later today. Kelly says hello too.

welcome to AZB, you'll learn alot here and make alot of friends too. my best regards and if I can help let me know,

Eric :)
i didnt see the Daz/Bartrrum match last night but its one heck of a match, I hope I can tonight.

take care nice to meet you,


eric :)

Its Tony Semar, i know you guys are opening soon, so i thought i could push my luck, any chance i could reserve a equipment locker, specifically # 13 if thats how you will order them.

Many thanks

Tony S
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