I will call you In the next couple days, good to see ur alive I was wondeing about you a while back, I haven't made it to fl or I would have called you. U will need a car in vegas. I saw ming called me, pls tell Herr hello and i will call her to
Hello Chris, I would like to send you a link to a spanish song from Roberto Carlos. That is my channel in youtube. Maybe you will let me know if you like it. Thanks
Hola Chris, me imagino que eres latina y tengo una pregunta que me quema la lengua.......eres tu familiar con Alana De La Garza? I watch Law & Order and she is there in Tv. Thanks Chris......anda con Dios que yo voy contigo jajajajaja just kidding........

apologize ahead of time, i'm sure that you have provided the info...but how do i go about getting your book?
Hey Eric,

I might need your help. Our pal Ming said you might be able to or know someone who can help me.
I'm going out to Vegas to play some WSOP events, I'll be getting in around the 13th but the guy I'm going to be rooming with doesn't get in until the 22nd.
If you know of a place I can rent for a week or so it would be a huge help. The Rio and most other hotels are just too much for me on my own after putting up the money for buy-ins.

I hate to bother you with this but the guy I was originally supposed to go up with bailed just now so I'm scrambling to get things planned out.

If you get a chance shoot me a text or give me a call on my cell: 954-663-5231.

Dinner is on me :)
Thanks bud....I think everybody wants to see the best for our country....We just have some strong oppossing ways of going about it.....Our individual differences often stem from our beginnings....I was raised a Catholic, Large family/w 8 siblings....grew up in the south....etc.

A lot of that plays into the equation...Don't take me too serious when I get riled up....I don't really mean any harm...It's just my way of having fun and not having to suffer the consequences...Although sometimes I admit...I am.... ob...fu*king noxious...

have a great day....george
Hi Eric,
Absolutely, let's hook up with Ernie and play some. What part of town are you in? Do you have a 9 footer at your place? I'm in Calabasas which is a trek for most people but I have a killer Anniversary set up by Ernesto.
See you at the Seminole this weekend.
Take care Bud.
Monte 323-804-0929


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