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  • Replied....... I have a set with a nice rosewood cap for teh butt, and plastic caps for the shafts. 16.00 shipped to you.
    You're an idiot....BAP!!!!....BAP!!!....OWWWW!....Shut up Gbru....
    Now that I've got that out of the way....
    Sorry Ole Pal.....Didn't know you were having that problem...
    I must have missed it while away...I wish you the best...a speedy recovery.... and tell that doctor that george said give you something "good".... you deserve it to help with the pain .....Your friend, eventhough we rarely agree...george
    Great to here you like your LP cue. I ordered one about a month ago a PJ cocobolo with two sets of rings in the butt, leather wrap and two shafts. I'm hoping to see it in the spring. Mattkcc
    Av, you are one of my favorites, even if you get things screwed up from time to time, please know I am kidding. Godspeed to you my friend!! Thanks for the recognition.
    Doing good. Been busy lately, which is always a good thing.

    Hope your thanksgiving was good as well.
    Hey AVMaster. My father spent a lifetime serving this country. He rose to the level of Master Chief in the Navy (30 years), retired and then did another 20 in a civil service role. I imagine that you achieved similar goals, based on your handle, so for that I salute you. You and I won't agree on everything, but I will always respect you for your service and sacrafice for our nation. Happy belated Vet's day, and thank you for the rep!
    Mark told me that you weren't feeling well. Just thought I would let you know that I am praying for your recovery. I quit taking chemo about 2 months ago and am feeling fine at this time. Actually, you are the only reason I have come back sir. You take care of yourself and email me if there is anything I can do for you. Sev is forwarding my email to you. I also ahve a facebook page if you are interested.
    Sincerely, Don Purdy
    WOW 65 and I thought I was a old FART at 54! Goin for my 50 year Phys. tomorrow 4 years late,but my Dr is a MAN! Not lookin foward to this at all, Gone to get a Heineken.Nothin after 12 but it's 9:48 I'm safe! Later my Friend
    Sorry AV never would've thought he (PANCAKE) was one of the better guys!But if you say so I Belive ya! Peace Pancake! Ron
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