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  • My family just celebrated my mother's 90th birthday this past Saturday....
    I hope your family gets to celebrate your 90th and many more....
    Godspeed....your friend and comrade....george
    i dont think I'm buying those Gus's

    I'm green with envy of the gun in your avitar, whats it worth? i know it has sentemential value, but if it didnt whats it worth, I been watching about 200 episodes of Gunsmoke the past few months, I have Freedom Arms revolvers, they are built like bank vaults. I sure would like to meet you.

    eric :)
    Hello Chief,

    Thanks for the rep. My folks are in the Chesapeake area, not too far from ya. Hope the blizzard of the century is not causing you too much discomfort. Enjoy the Superbowl!!
    BTW, I have a variety of friends from all walks of life.
    And, yes, I imagine all of them have had their ups and downs.

    Danny in Phoenix was one of the worst.
    The man always wanted to go to Phoenix. He went and was murdered the next day.
    I could lie and say it never happened. Would that be better?
    Define victimized.
    No, I imagine bad things have happened to all of us.
    Wouldn't you agree?
    I hope you are feeling well these days after your treatments....May 2010 be a very healthy year for u and your loved ones.....Say hi to Sev for me when u talk to him...Thanks..
    Hey buddy.
    This is the first I have been on the net in a while.
    Hope the infection has cleared up by now.

    On a positive note I just exited the most well stocked liquor stores that I have been in in a while. Lots of expensive single barrel bourbons I have not tried as of yet. Unfortunately they sold out of my favorite. Pappy VanWinkles. They even had the 250.00 bottle.
    The Scotch selection looked good as well. However I am not an aficionado in that area.

    If you wish to get me call my cell or TN home number. I still dont have internet at home.


    Get some rest amigo- You're almost through this Hell, and soon you're going to be back and this will all be behind you.... For a Navy guy, you have my total respect (Hard to get a Marine to say out loud!) Let me know if you need anything
    AVMASTER : I hope you are doing well with your treatments....I sincerly wish you a healthy New Year....Cuejoey
    Thank you for the Christmas wish, we wish you the same and trust in the One who has the Power to help us all through the upcoming days.
    Thanks for all of your positive support to many of my posts. It has meant something to have some of my viewpoints validated by you.... so I know I am not the only crazy person here. jk.
    I know prayer works, so I won't hold back.
    May the power of the many prayers being said for you by all of us here help speed up your therapy and recovery. Let the light shine through. Best wishes for you and yours.

    My cousin has been a Marine for over 20 years and they are going to have to drag his leatherneck ass out of the service kicking and screaming. I have seen him at bars show guys like Stuperstar exactly what he contributes to freedom. I have nothing but respect for the armed forces. When I hire guys, like my current foreman who is Navy, I look for soldiers because they understand and perform. They work harder than union guys and they understand chain of command.

    Get some rest Chief....we need you well again soon!!! Don't make me come out there and whup on some docs for not taking good care of you!
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