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  • HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to you. Do something fun today! :smile:

    That CO is a trip isn't he....Hope you are well and enjoy your holidays, chile and time with family....Hope to see you one day soon....george.
    Thanks for reminding me chief....I do recognize that often though....
    Hope you are well.....I've been busy around the house and garden....
    just can't stop working in this (was) great weather
    till this week....24 deg here last night.....brrrrr....!
    This is all you could muster?
    12-07-2010 01:36 PM rigmaster A little REP for AVMASTER!
    ONE random person to red-rep me?
    AV ..... thanx fer the rep .....I don't think anyone is saying the Government did it .....just that they have lied about it for some reason ... created a story that is an obvious lie for some reason ....and obstructed justice by not investigating the crime .......hope all is well brother , talk soon , Mark
    i never did like vegas, i came in 91 as it was a oppertunity to break out of going nowhere, now vegas has became a nowhere-so its time to go. i hate casino's, the weather sucks, dry air is tourture to me, So why dont we meet in LA someday or at a pool tournment.?? :)
    You are quite welcome...and I hope you know I meant it from the bottom of my heart...
    We may not agree on much...but that I know.
    Hope you are well.
    You're a class act! LOL!!! Bitter much? Poor fella, hope you feel better someday. :grin:

    Originally Posted by avmaster
    You are a poster boy for what is wrong with this country today..... You may be the the singlemost moron that we have in this world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I'm trying to think of things that I can laugh about....still miss my ole girl...Look for her all the time when I do certain things like getting in my car...she was always there and ready to ride.
    One of my pool buddies just found out about it yesterday...He took me to lunch and we reminisced about her.
    He was one of the few that ever saw her "big smile"....

    We were leaving the pool room one day and when we came out the door Cassie was hanging out the window of the car...My back seats folded down and she had the whole back to herself...She never once came up front on her own....What a dog.

    "There's my ole girl..." I said. Cassie let loose with a big smile and Rob said...."Oh my God...look at that dog smiling....Chrissy....! Chrissy...! " he called for his girlfriend...."look at his damn dog smiling...."

    We just laughed about it yesterday.....
    No....I'm thinking of doing some traveling and leaving a new pup with someone would not be fair....I'll probably wait till after the 1st of the year.
    Initially....It was a rough couple of days but I'm feeling better everyday....Its funny....I use to think it was silly that people mourned the loss of their pets so....Live and learn.
    Please let me know if you get near to Mobile and thanks for thinking about me.
    Hope all is well with you and family Rick...Later george.
    Wishing you wellness in health and spirit. Love the funnies you post. Always rooom for more humor, especially yours.

    Mr. Master Chief, I am good and thanks for the note. You are in my thoughts and prayers often, and especially when I venture over to VA, Virginia that is for the unknowing among us :). I wish you well and I enjoy reading your posts, even the ones that poke fun of me and my ideals. Godspeed my Brother!
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