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  • Thanks! As soon as I can give you more rep, it will be on it's way. Things are going well but a little too busy to be on AZB every day. Hope this year treats you well also.
    Hey Bubba, how's business? I am feeling a great deal better but still having some difficulty. I can highly reccomend that you never contract cancer.... it is a real drag man......
    Have managed to develop an infection due to last weeks improper inserted cathator. Now in excrutruciating pain etc. all. Please advise all our friends I won't be posting much till this is cleared up. I am at home trying to rest............
    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and REP will be forth comming this week sometime, but most importantly thanks for your posts and contribution to AZB,

    my very best regards
    eric :)
    You too, Kev-

    Have a great Christmas and New Year. My best to you and yours this holiday season-
    Your songwriting is rather, well, kinda blew me away.... the music is really good..... I'm impressed, you ain't as dumb as some think..... heh heh.....
    Thanks, I'll take you up on that surgery Happy holidays to you as well.
    How are you doing Amigo? Rented a place here in a little town called California Maryland..... has a 7 footer in the front room..... I can play for free....... Glad to be working again, my wife is happy to have a paycheck........
    CO, I wouldn't worry too much over GBRU's comments in the Vet's Day thread. I have no idea where he is coming from, which is odd, because I very often read his posts with a lot of interest. I suppose we all have idosynchrosies(sp) that we project, so I hope this too will pass. Anyway I think your OP in that thread is a classic! I am glad you shared your thoughts on the subject. Be well.
    CO, Thank you for the rep and the kind words. I enjoy your posts and your spirit. I look forward to meeting you some day.
    Thanks for that green rep you gave me the other day. I did not notice till today, in fact I have never been to the CP page before. In any case I appreciate it and enjoy your posts.
    Kevin...I get really tired of all the b*tching about the APA. Sure, it's not for everybody...but it works for a LOT of people. Many L.O.'s from my era (early 90's) are still my friends.
    Hello CO, Thanks for the rep! I ain't so sure that you often agree with me, so getting rep from you means a lot to me :).
    Kevin, Thanks for the thought. I am doing well in most departments. My game has gone into the toilet due to some physical limitations and major loss of sight in one eye, but I have a job to go to, food on the table, roof over my head, and my 1981 GL1100 under my butt everyday of the week puts a smile on my face.
    Hope life is treating you well, also.
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