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  • Thanks for the reps. I hope others find information provided useful as well. When it comes to the internet, we all need to have a better understanding of how it works. That knowledge can save people from tremendous heartache when they get scammed or infected.
    The haters recently started 2 "I HATE EL DUBB" threads in the main forum.

    I suspect hondo may have been a behind the scenes instigator.
    That's funny, Hondo asking to layoff the catty remarks. Hope you are well cuejoey !!
    Thanks for rep, Joey.
    You're the only one I still have on ignore.
    Lay off the catty remarks and I'd be happy to resume communication
    with you. Fair enough?
    I can't tell you what it's about with Cuaba ... other than he did me a favor for free.
    Thanks for the rep bubba.... some of the boys on here just don't get it......................
    hello cuejoey. thanks for the rep. It is great when somebody finds an interest in one's posts, so I thank you.
    Thanks - Cant remember how to friend invite ?

    Ya need all the friends you can get--
    Is it me or do I see a click or two on here?

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