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  • Lenny, I was wondering how long before my avatar caught the eye of one of the crew. You have great taste... she was the winner of the Ms Thai Tranny pageant. LOL !
    Thanks for the green. I owe you.
    Hello Lenny, I was wondering how can I become a custom cue reviewer, I notice every so often custom cues get sent out to a list of members here on az, how do I become a cue tester ?/

    I have a beautiful 1913 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Jefferson 9ft. in my basement , Im a 7 rating in most pool halls in my area..

    Id love to become part of the AZ list ,
    that gets the pleasure of reviewing these cues..

    Can you provide me some insight as to how to go about becoming a Reviewer??

    Thx for time and consideration ..
    I hope your holidays are going well.
    Let me know when the build off cues get here Please.
    Thats going to be my Xmas present to me.
    You can call me if you want pm me and i can send you my #.

    Thanks Rick.
    Is this the Lenny I met at Kolby's in AZ? Not sure if this is you, or if it is, if you remember me :eek:)
    I was watching the 8-ball runouts-cool- but ? do they count in stocking feet?? The boys could have said rerackem- just kidding. mark I've been on the road and back like 900+ miles in 60hrs. pretty much energy drinks.this wk I'll do some picture- It could be rambow,and even Szam- I saw some examples of the plastic ring work on early stuff- It is just hair razing because an old friend (is still in hospital from stroke) plus I found some cool old collectible fishing baits-1 -14 oz brunswick(2.00) no tip though. thanks for the help- now lets see some runouts 1 handed. thanks again mark
    I haven't forgot about you. My grandmother passed away and I will be in texas till wed -thursday. I will hit you up when I get back
    Thanks for the last greenie. With the forum rules not enforced, I am just too old to take the abuse anymore. You take care of that beautiful family of yours. Keith and I are doing great.
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