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  • i know i'm long over do, i appologise. tI aint made a dime in the past 3 years and lost 90% of what I had, but I made you a promis and I will keep it. I really hope you been good.

    A real close friend of mine will be playing this weekend at Bull shooters in the womens event, i plan on watching the streaming, and she would love it if you could get her on the streaming table, Her name is Sondra Friestad, she is coming down with 3 other women, Amy, Pam, and Rebecca.. Sondra plays good, has a beautiful stroke, and is very outgoing and not camera shy, I'm sure when you see her you won't have any qualms about getting her on the streaming table.. i hope to see her play....thanks for the feed... and best of luck in the future with ontherailtv. thank you..
    hi lenny-i just got back on here for the first time in a while and see the guy i bet with for the finals at vf is trying to put me on the bad action list-i sent a payment in paypal to what appears to be an inncorrect email address-i replied politely but thats not gonna last too long so if nostroke is a friend of yours tell him to get on here and answer pls
    I haven't tested it out yet but it's sturdier than my old bag. I'll pack my cases inside pretty well. Just need to bag to basically carry them and some clothes. Nice that it has wheels!!
    Did you get the 36" bag? I like the 42" because it leaves me with some space to pad my case and plenty of room for a few days worth of clothes. Curious to know how the 36" bag fits your stuff. Hope all is good with you and yours! ~Rex
    hey buddy, Jason Bryan here in Vegas is VERY good action, I have played him a number of times small and medium, he played Archer and fired 6 barrels. I have known him for 4 years. He asked me to be on the list, I said you are the man, he said talk to you. so here I am. He is good, I know of his other action and never once heard anything bad, I will stand for him. youcan put a $ sign next to his name as I know he will put $2,000 in action(thats the most I have heard of him betting, wasnt with me-but I know it was real, could have been a total win/loss not just one bet i dont know the details). but he is my friend and is good.

    hope your well,

    Hey Lenny me and a couple buddies are coming out to Arizona either the first or second weekend of February and I was wondering if you knew of anything going on pool wise those weekends. I am an established 7 out there and my buddy's probably a 6. I usually play at Metro Sportz or Bullshooters when I'm out there. I have played in the Sunday tourney at Kolby's and will probably make it there againg this trip. I know there is always something going on like a 7 and under tourney with money added or some kind of scotch doubles event?? I wish I could get one of those newspapers that advertise the events in your area. Could you help me out and let me know if you know of anything either the first or second week of Feb??? I would really appreciate it.

    I see you play at Kolbys , I am coming to Az next week and staying for a month , I was wondering if anyone had ever shipped their cues to the poolroom rather than hassle with the airlines ? Thanks, Bill |
    I was there at Kolbys several years ago for a week.
    how do i get a hold of gil black? I used to go to guys and dolls in new fairfield...awesome guy....
    Hey Lenny,

    I want to start streaming channel for a couple rooms here in North Carolina. What is a good camera, computer and setup to get started. I dont really want to spend tons of money yet. What is the easiest and cheapest way to go about it. I am a very high end computer user, have built many systems and been doing tech work with computers since the late 80's.

    Thanks for the info in advance
    Ed Yero
    Hey Lenny, I might be up for playing in a Tuesday 9ball/wild bar tournament I was told you know something about in Scottsdale AZ, but I'm told I need a rating to play.

    Since you have likely never seen me play, all I can say is that I can break and run a couple times per night in 8 ball and twice I’ve run 3 consecutive racks of 8 ball on an 8 foot table. In nine ball, I can run out an open table with BIH about 5% to 10% of the time, but from the break, it's much less frequent; again, on an 8 foot table. I rarely play on 9 footers lately, so I'm now sure where I would rank on those.

    If you let me play and an adjustment is needed, I don't have a problem being bumped up or down; I recognize the trouble in letting strangers into a handicapped tournament where everyone mostly knows everyone else.
    i didnt make my message clear, I bet with someone else on the rail on scott, i didnt do anything with scott, i het $20 on scott with *******, and he is suppost to pay you the $20 i won.
    did you get a $20 pay pal from someone on my behalf? i bet $20 on Scott when he was down and told him if I win to pay you not me, he is good action-im not worried about that, i just wanted you to know I watched alot and wanted to give you something-i wish it was more but im running on fumes, it wont look like it when you see it-i'' explain later,

    thanks again for what is the longest streamed match in the history of streaming, TAR has had some long ones but yours was un interupted,

    please call me later in the week or weekend so we can figure out whats going on with your trip here etc.


    eric :)
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