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  • Hondo is pretty thin skinned. And a Drama queen. However that being said I have nothing against him. He just has the propensity to shove his foot in his mouth. Some however is by design. So my sympathy is limited. Besides I am doing a find job of keeping his memory alive dont you think. :D

    Funny I thought that tread would die real quick.
    That's good to know, as well. I thought Hondo did a good job of adding some humor into his posts, but he got ran off of here. I thought he had thicker skin than that, but discussing politics over the net is a recipe for disaster! LOL. Well, I enjoyed your "chunky chicks" thread....haha. It became quite popular! I don't even think anyone found a way to bring politics into it! I was shocked! Lmao
    Thanks, Sev! I'm not going anywhere ;) It just gets old when people set in their ways and not willing to look at another side. It's no fun arguing with a brick wall? Anyways, I enjoy your posts! See ya around.
    Sev, Ain't no wives tale. When I was stationed at Eglin with the 33rd Tac Fighter Wing working on F-4Es, I watched a couple lamebrained radar guys do a full lock on to the M-16 a Security Police soldier that was patrolling the flight line. They only did it for a few seconds.. he grasping at his uniform shirt like he was getting hot and wanting to rip it off. That pissed me off, and I told them to kill it. They were laughing. That poor guy is proabably dead from that dose today.
    Have managed to develop an infection due to last weeks improper inserted cathator. Now in excrutruciating pain etc. all. Please advise all our friends I won't be posting much till this is cleared up. I am at home trying to rest............
    just wanted to wish you a happy hoilday season, and also to let you know I read alot(not all) but a lot of your posts and your very smart, keep those NPR guys in check!!!

    my very best
    Oh - good grief - stop whining - haven't you learned to play wi - ah by yourself yet???
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