💡The BEST pool advice I've ever received was...


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I was also schooled in how to raise my hand when I lucked into a shot/safe. Kind of a stationary wave.
It was a to show the opponent and the rail that I got fortunate, even though everyone already knew that.

Cuebuddy>>> still proud of it.


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Take the easy shots to get to the hard shots to make the hard shots easy.
That one is beautiful. Someone told me once: "The easy shot have to be performed perfectly" which is along the same lines, I think.
BTW, I like the OP's advice too.


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Best advice, play every shot like you have $1000 riding on it. Didn't really understand it at first, because I was a teenager, but later, it made sense. Focus is the key, and you have to treat all shots the same. If you focus on all shots like you got a dime on the line, you will never miss the easy shots again, and you surely will increase the percentages on the mediocore and hard shots :)


Sometimes when I got pissed at a stranger I would break out my big game in the corner bar near me that I mostly used as a hangout although I picked up a few bucks there. Usually balls flew off the table and into holes and it was a slaughtering field. When the stranger had enough I sometimes forgot to shift gears back to mellow mode. After I tore through a few racks my fellow denizen of the bar would remind me that it was them I was playing now! They didn't mind contributing as long as I gave them a look at the table. I found it funny that the local small time hustlers were unfazed when my game jumped a bunch when a road player came in then dropped back down to play them.

Is this what is known as “beast mode”?😁


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If you are a decent player and gambling, any spot before the 5 ball is a sucker bet.
Explaining that you could break and make a ball, run 2 more and miss and that ball didn't help you.
Always try to get the break (unless it's 6 ball) and think about including a wild ball AND (the last whatever 2, 3, 4, etc.)


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Freddy Bentivegna called that "playing on ass".
This was a wonderful clip☺️
I’ve been friends with Freddy since I was 18. I have hours of him on film. I’m grateful I was able to visit with him in the hospital before his passing (accompanied by Alex Lely (NL) who had come to Chicago to see him.

Rest In Peace Freddy.🙏