How to build a Custom Plunger


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How to build a Custom Plunger

I will probably get flamed for GIVING this information away. I imagine the repercussions will be harsh for posting this information. (The Custom Plunger market may collapse if everybody knows how to make their own.)

I am not claiming to be the inventor of the Custom Plunger by any means. I think it is time the world finds out about this mysterious craft.

At the risk of being banned, here goes....

Materials list

Fender Washer
5/16"-18 bolt (or one that matches the thread on the pin end of the cue you wish to use)
Cue stick purchased on e-bay

Tools list

Electric Drill
Dremel Tool
Drill Bit (Size will vary)
Wrench (Size will vary)

Step One

Go to Wal Mart and purchase a plunger for $2.17. (Not including tax)

Step 2

Remove plain wooden (Non Custom) handle from plunger. This is easily done by gripping the plunger head in your left hand and turning the handle repeatedly to the left with your right hand.

Step 3

Drill a 5/16" hole through the center of the plunger head.

Step 4

Grind threads on inside of plunger head so that new handle will fit. I used a dremel tool with a small sanding drum for this

Step 5

Take the new plunger handle ( a Meucci Originals 84-9B Gambler cue in my case) that you purchased on e-bay that was described as being "Beautiful" from a seller with 100% positive feedback and insert the pin end of the butt section through the recently drilled hole (See step 3) in the plunger head. Attach a fender washer over the pin end and secure the plunger head to the pin end of the cue with a 5/16-18 bolt. Do not overtighten! This could lead to the pin end being extracted from the handle. If you desire, you can add a lock washer in between the fender washer and the 5/16"-18 nut for good measure.

Make sure the description on e-bay of the potential plunger handle doesn't disclose the horrible warp or the repair done to the forearm below the joint.

Step 6

Display prominently in the bathroom with pride. I prefer to keep mine in the powder room on the main floor of the house so guests can see it.

Step 7

Leave negative feedback for the seller on Ebay (Optional) I personally got a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment out of this project. Had I not purchased and received the piece of crap cue, I may never have challenged myself in this way. I feel that I have grown as a result of this event.

For a limited time I will be offering kits for those of you who think you can tackle a project like this at home. Kits are $19.99 and include the plunger head, the washer and the bolt. (Cue NOT included) Need to know the pin size. Not all pin sizes are available. S&H is $6.00 for the lower 48 states.

If there is enough interest, I may consider putting this out as a DVD. (For the folks that are not good at following written directions)

If I wasn't laughing I would be crying.............



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OMFG!!!!!!!!! That is funny and sad at the same time. Sorry you got boned on the cue, but good job making it useful. Rep to you!


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Can you adjust the weight on this plunger? When I go on a Mexican food eating binge I usually need to go up on the weight by a few ounces to generate enough force to do the job.


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I perfer The Full Splice model

A plunger ain't Chit if it is not Full Splice.:grin:
Also upgraded to the improve Tip for greater Draw.:grin:
Budweiser Plunger 002.jpg

Budweiser Plunger brand.jpg

Budweiser Plunger full (Medium).jpg

Plunger sneaky (Medium).JPG


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Someone could make a fortune selling those SP plungers here!!!!!!!!


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custom plunger

Bet you could suck the cue ball back with that.:smile:

Papa Red

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I never really cared for a Meucci, but you have changed my mind. I will be looking to get my hands on one.:)


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Pics also belong in the Gallery section so guys like me can ooh and aah about how the color of the plunger rubber compliments the veneers nicely.

In point of fact, the image is unsettling. I'm sorry you got %$#*&#@ by an ebayer and especially sorry to see and Originals Meucci in such a compromising position. I could see myself buying the same cue online.


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i think i'm gonna make myself one of those. :)

i'm sorry for your bad experience in e-Bay. i never even log-on or visit that site.


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Now I know what to do with an old POS j/b cue I have.
Use it full-length for johns and tubs; pop off the break handle and use it for sinks. I think I'll call it the Plunge-Wow.

(anybody know where I can get a nut to fit a Chinese radial?) :grin:


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Now I know what to do with an old POS j/b cue I have.
Use it full-length for johns and tubs; pop off the break handle and use it for sinks. I think I'll call it the Plunge-Wow.

(anybody know where I can get a nut to fit a Chinese radial?) :grin:
I have a joint protector that fits. :grin: But a radial pin may prove to be to long causing drain interference.:eek:
You might want to go with the full spliced. :cool: