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Thanks for the pics. It is pictures and stories like this that makes me want to visit all the more. I work with a lot of Filipinos, they all have such a nice friendly disposition that I can't imagine an entire country full of friendly people.

I would most likely not leave. I mean, nice people, good food, reasonably priced to live, lots of pool. Is there a down side that I'm not seeing here?


Thanks for the pics. It is pictures and stories like this that makes me want to visit all the more. I work with a lot of Filipinos, they all have such a nice friendly disposition that I can't imagine an entire country full of friendly people.

I would most likely not leave. I mean, nice people, good food, reasonably priced to live, lots of pool. Is there a down side that I'm not seeing here?

Is there a down side that you aren't seeing.....where to start????

The food sucks. Hamburger is 5 bucks a pound, and it's crap beef. You probably only know of Adobo, Lechon Baboy, (full of fat), Lechon Manook, Dinuguan, Balut, Bagaoong with green mango's,Caldereta, Sinagong, Sigsig typical tourist fare... right?

The infrastructure sucks. "Brown-outs" are a fact of life. These people don't as a culture...don't have a clue what "planned maintenance" is. The "Electric Company" cut's off the the power for a full day at least once a year to cut the tree limbs off the power lines???? And the Electric Company Pro Rates, and charges you for the electricity they "would have sold you" during the power outage had they been able to provide the service??? The Jeepney's are a Hazard. Thread bare tires.

The Catholic Church's influence sucks. There are masses of uneducated people in the provence that don't practice birth control because the Pope said so. Pinay's are naturally malibog. With all the brown-out's and spare time....boom boom...more babies.

The Politics suck. Magindanao massacre recently, the list goes on and on and is and down right shameful. Many country's have controlled the PI for a reason. The worst "leaders" the country has ever had...have been Pinoy's. It's like giving the keys to the asylum to the inmates.

Pool even sucks. Look at the photo of the Lovely Rack girl at Oneside billiards in Manila. "Everyday" Pinoy's don't know a proper 8 ball rack. They "pattern" the rack...part of the culture. One ball always at the head spot, alternating so there is a solid at all three corners????? I've tried to explain it to Pinoy's, but that's just the way it is in the PI.

Employee's suck. They show up late and leave early..."PI time". It's any every day thing for some employee at a store to bump a customer aside and rush down the aisle first. No stepping aside and "after you Sir", I am the customer. How do you say "excuse me" in tagalog? When you bump into someone or something like that? You can''s not part of the vocabulary or mindset of the culture.

The way the culture abuses the environment sucks. Dynamite fishing on Coral reefs, cyanide fishing. Did you know that you have to have a license to own a chainsaw in the Philippines? Ya know why? Because every Narra tree or any other endangered species would be gone and on the black market within a month. The air quality sucks. At least I live by the ocean and the marine effect.

And then of course...there is your Honey Ko's family...Lot's pimp their children out, so to speak. One of the girls gets a Kano BF, the whole family suddenly seems to think it's "easy street" the Kano will take car of it. Pinoy's as a whole, seem to look at a Kano and magically see ATM on our foreheads.

But hey, I still live here. Mainly because of the eager to please brown skinned little island girls.

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So you put up with all that BS just for some underage pussy?
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One day Pangit was in bed with one of his GFs. She said to him, I heard that you were a pedophile. Pangit looked at her and said, thats a pretty big word for an 8 year old.

Just kidding. Merry Christmas and suck some duck eggs or whatever you eat over there. Balasnoot or whatever you call it.
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EightballJunkie, thanks for the report. I think I have seen you on One-Side now and then ;-)

And Pangit, merry Christmas, you seem to very happy and content with your life style:rolleyes:


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Very nice write-up. Thanks for taking the time. much appreciated!

I've heard much the same. Also, that there are only two seasons. Rainy, and dry. Rainy season lasts nine months :-(

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Eightballjunkie, hi if i only knew you would be coming, i would have taken you to Hermes bar, 4 tables with 2 diamond, 1 brunswick metro and 1 gold crown IV all with Simonis 860 cloth,
Those pictures look great, its good for you you eat goat meat "kalderetang kambing",
Oneside is really a place to hang out specially if there are world pool events ongoing
The pool person you forgot to name was Django Bustamante, wearing the tan color RL

Good for you you made your tooth here, if you did that in USA, it might have cost more than a fortune.
Maybe next time if you're here sent me a pM, will be glad to tour you around.

Yes lolong is a good player, thou his playing antics seems not to be good player but if you let your guard down, he will surely beat any player

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Very nice pics Dan. OneSide is my home away from home when I'm there, which will be very soon. I've played Lulong several times with mixed results.


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Great post. I do have a question, is dental work that much cheaper in Phil.? Just wondering


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One of the best parts of this trip was going up to the Tanay Province with Linds. He's been in the game for a long-long time, and if he'd let me I'd pick his brain for hours about cue-building, LOL.

Here's a link to a beautiful cue by Linds. I'd like to encourage anyone in the market for a high-end custom to take a look:

Anyway, going up into Tanay it's hard to believe one is only an hour or two out of Metro Manila. It's so green and scenic, it's easy to understand why the locals enjoy spending time there.




Here's a picture of Linds and me. It did rain a little, but fortunately there was a nice little cabin to relax in until it stopped.


The family hosting us was so kind. Food, food, and more food. I found the Kaldereta Kambing to be especially tasty, the meat was so tender only a spoon was needed to cut it. Knowing how much effort went in to it's preparation made me feel guilty eating it!


Picture with a random local player ...forgot his name.


Here is a picture of Akira and Ali, two of the nicest people you would probably ever meet. Akira has been the manager at Oneside for as long as I can remember.


Ali, I'm not really sure how long he's been playing American style billiards, but he started playing Snooker more than ten years ago. When I first met him in 2010, he wasn't playing much 10 ball, but now he's easily playing at a AA level, and to me that's pretty damn impressive.


This is me and Steve Urate whom I've also known for a while. He's also a cue builder.


He looks pretty serious here ...maybe he should be playing pool full-time


Anyway, it's funny how after fourteen trips this place never ceases to amaze me; a unique meld of east and west, familiar enough but different in so many ways. As a vacation place for the pool player on a budget, it's got to be hands down the best bang for the buck.

Comments or questions welcome.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for sharing pics!! Great narrative too, very descriptive and interesting! I'd love to go sometime but wife who is Pinay refuses to go! Go figure!


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I've always enjoyed reading the different PI trip reports as well!

I spent on the whole trip (including dental work) about what I would have spent on two root canals & crowns here in the U.S. When it was all said and done I really didn't save any money, but it was far more interesting than just going to a local dentist.

Hopefully you can make it over there one day might never realize how many inlaws you actually have until you do :D

Happy Holidays!

I have so many inlaws here!!! Today is Xmas and I have about 25 of them at my house for dinner! They never leave!!


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Beautiful country, I swear i'll go one day.

Did you say it was a good place to go for a pool player on a budget!?

I looked at airfare prices...definitely not cheap. Am I missing something ;)