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Smorgass Bored said:
I wasn't allowed to move, but out of the corner of my eye, I could almost quite not make out something. After 25 years, my mother had finally gotten her revenge and hung tha t cute-horrid little ET Creature just above my head, while noone was looking.

If I hadn't read this thread, I never would have figured it out. :)

All the cardiac surgeons were amazed that I had come through this procedure and I'm hear to tell you that I'd NEVER been able to do this without the staunch support orall of you here and my hospital staff, who took a great liking to Barb and I.

Now, I wait to hear from the Doctors, either on Friday or ealy next week and see if there is any course of action. I'm not out of the woods yets. I have lots of medicine to take, but my drastically low blood pressure prevents my taking it.

My whole body hurts, but I can take it. Typing all this was exhausting and I don't know when I might post again, but thank God for friends like all of you.
And......Kujo's to JoeyA.

(for now, that's a VIOLA !) imo :)

Thanks for pushing yourself so hard, it's great to hear from you. It's a better birthday present than I expected...

I don't know if there are many of us who are strong enough to deal with the things you've gone through....Think of this as just another pothole in the road of life....

Take care of yourself, (Dammit!):D


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It is a wonderful thing to see your post's. I stand on the riverfront every morning watching two adult Bald Eagles fly, I say a prayer for you each day asking the Eagles to guide and comfort you on behalf of the Great Spirit.......... Keep using that willpower Doug, you will make it........ Sempre Fi..............


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Inquiry !!!!

Glad you made it home Doug. What an ordeal. Whatever any AZB'ers next medical procedure is, I suggest we take a copy of your last few posts.
ANYTHING will seem like a day at the beach compared to your ordeal.

On the other important matter, I will urge the powers that be, at AZB, to look into Fatboy passing you as rep leader, while you were incapcitated.
There must be a loophole somewhere there. IMO

Stay strong,



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Good to see you here old friend!! Know that you're in my thoughts and spiritual meditations daily.

Ktown D

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True grit.

Keep fightin' big guy, we are all here sweating your big match and looking for a comeback.


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sadistic bustards can't tell time!

Smorgass Bored said:
. . . They told me that the procedure had just begun and to try to stick it out for a couple more hours. I gritted my teeth, grunted and groaned, prayed and cried and thought of all my friends and how disappointed tey would be in me (not to mention myself).

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I told them to stop, I couldn't go on. They said only about 29 more minutes and I sucked it up. When i told them to get their damned dirty ape paws of of me, the said only about 15 more minutes. It was the hardest thing that I ever done, but I sucked it up, still being barely able to breath.

Somehow, with personal resolve, promises made to others and the prareys and well wisges of my friends here, I MADE IT. . . .


I hate when I am laying there helpless and they keep telling me fifteen or twenty minutes longer. Sadistic bustards can't tell time! They were working on my back with me semi-conscious and a projected hour and a half or two turned into five hours! Those were some damned long "fifteen minutes".

The above is humorous and I do know the people in the operating room are just trying to keep you fighting thinking that the end of the ordeal is near. Good folks really but I still say they can't tell time for crap! :grin: :grin: :grin:

I can't say how much it brightened my day just to find a post from "Smorg" on the forum. It is fantastic to hear that even this first step towards something constructive has been accomplished. Thank you so much for what I know was quite an effort.



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Murphy's Law has been on my case all week -- that is until now. What an uplifting to get your posts. You are an inspiration and blessing to us all. Glad you are at home and my prayers will continue.

Thanks for taking that Murphy fellow off my back!


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Keep Fighting

Smorg, good to hear your are home and succeeded. Keep up the good work, we're all pulling for you. You are obviously a strong, brave SOB with a lot of life left to live.
Prayers said daily.


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When we get super-busy, then have the grandkids for a couple of days, stuff happens on the forum and I get behind on what's going on. (They're still here.) I'll have to find time to catch up, after they go back home. Last I knew, Smorg was coming home. I think he's already back, though.

Smorg.... Welcome back! We've been praying for you and discussing what kind of orneriness you'd appreciate most. Mostly, we've all just missed you, terribly.


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LOL,"Take your dam dirty ape paws off of me".Oh Smorg ,you still got it.:rotflmao1:
Glad to see your at home.Take care.


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Doug, you're an inspiration to us all.

The next time I curse myself out for missing a ball because of too much deflection, I'll humble myself and think of the strength you've shown to come through all of this. Sometimes the rest of us sweat the small stuff, oblivious to the big picture. I hope you recover soon.

My best wishes.



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Smorgie, you're home!! I am away a couple days, and I come back here to find you home! I hope you enjoy your friends' well wishes and that you enjoy the little things today and tomorrow and the rest of the month whatever it brings.


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Gunn_Slinger said:
I just sat in cat pee and wondered why you
have not been playing poker?

Anyway, there's not a dry butt in house.

Man, I hate it when that happens.........shower time..........:grin-devilish: :love: