Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

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Does the pocket bevel angle play a factor in how the table plays?

My rails on my GC1 were done by Mark Gregory. I believe his bevels 12°. I think the closer you get to zero degrees, balls hit into the pocket facing may be more difficult to pocket. Correct me if I'm wrong.
If your ball set has not been cleaned, pocket facing angles will have a dramatic effect on whether the ball will drop or not.
I've found that 4 1/4'' pockets with new cloth and clean ball sets are allot easier than 4.5'' pockets with a worn out dirty ball set.
One room in particular taught me this.
Wetch's room in MN yrs ago, they buffed Every ball set when players brought the ball set to the counter to pay time.
When ball sets get worn from excessive Buffing they become very porous, they pick up dirt QUICKLY. Play conditions will change dramatically from start to 30 minutes later.
In this room after 45 minutes of play, you could take your thumb and wipe the ball and see a clean line & a dirt line.
Then, add in the MN humidity, the conditions are completely different than Casino a/c conditions.
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