Things to bring to a pool tournament


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Don't forget to take some good chalk. Always carry extra, even when you're not going on a trip.


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Keys, cue, and money....I can buy anything I forgot.

But most important to me is the attitude I bring.
I think about how I can win.....
...and if the worst thing happens, I'll stay and watch the finals.

Not much can really spoil my weekend.

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Or a clean thong and leather chaps, depending on where you are partying later.

Moose head and Q Claw. Good calls. I forgot those as they are always in my case regardless.

I keep a Willard's shaper and a 4" curved shaper in the pocket as well. At least so you can give the tip a good scuff.

I always keep a piece of chalk in the holder and a spare.
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a cue, a pocket full of money. you can buy whatever you need,. and a pistol.


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I am leaving for a tournament that is 3 hours away soon. I was trying my best not to forget anything I might need while there. The tournament will last 3 days.

This got me thinking if someone had started a thread about this and I didnt find one.

If you were going to a pool tournament for 3 days, what items would you bring besides the obvious.

Here is my list:

Magic rack
Pocket Chalker
Tip Pick
Head Phones
Ear Plugs
smart phone to stream music.
maybe a book? Might add that

I actually have a bag packed all year around for this. In it is Ambien, 800mg ibuprofen, real steak knife and silverware, a dinner plate, 2 extension cords, portable heater, tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, mouthwash, tooth picks, shampoo, bar of soap, hair dryer, and of course underwear, socks, and ink pen and paper.

I always take a large bath towel too.

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a small bath towel

The heat of the lights added with the pressure of competition = sweat

It's always nice to have it around for quick shaft cleaning, hand wiping, etc. Plus some places don't have napkins. Savages!