What the duck is going on ?


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I see what's happening here. He's pretending that he's right-handed, but really he's left-footed.

Michael Andros

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He's going through the motions pretty good. Some motions I've never seen before.

Him putting his foot up on the rail behind him was classic. He looks like a ballerina! And his opponent can't take it anymore. He's got his hand over his face in the background. Even the REF'S trying not to laugh.

And for me? The move of the entire thing was the lag... the guy's going "Hey, I'm just setting the tone for the match. Watch yourself."

Bob Jewett

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Isn't that a LOSS of the game ????
WTH? He used the pink ball as cue ball .
Pocketed one ball and one ball hit another ball.
How many balls do you need to interfere with before it's a loss of a game ?
I've heard of someone shooting with the red ball at billiards. It takes a certain kind of concentration to make that mistake.

The ref needs to decide whether the mistake (using an object ball as the cue ball) was intentional. If it is deemed to be unintentional, it's just a foul.


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Looks like a hustle to me. He would be a great road agent! Who wouldn't
want to play this guy? lol.