Yet another GUESS THE CUEMAKER thread...


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...with a little 'flair'.

The butt section is a dead giveaway. :thumbup:

So... any guesses???


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That is the most hideous woman I have ever seen.

<~~~~ threw up a little in my mouth


My Pride and Joy
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Now I know where my great grandmothers prom dress ended up at.
And NO I don`t want it back now, you can keep it.
I needed a good laugh today, Thank you.


Tatuaje in the house&#129304;&#127995;
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i am just glad murray didnt follow the instructions on the sign in the background..... or did he later?:D

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I've spent a good chunk of my career dealing with disturbing images I can't get out of my head.

This one just took 1st chair.

My future therapist thanks you. He's gonna make a sh!t-ton of money off of me.