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  • Your private box is full.....or, better said, please provide some room in your "inbox". ;) LoL ...what ever!!!
    It's a deal! Looks like June 21st. Got several pm changing votes to that day. Any way, have a good one.
    Won't be making it to the room on monday--problems at home are going to set this back for a few weeks--will try to make it down that way latter in the Month,,will look forward to meeting one and all
    Hey PinkLady,
    Hope you are well. Ian Campbell said that he never received the contribution you offered during the Melinda Huang/Jenny Lee match. Was there something that you were not happy with about the overall presentation, which made you rescind your offer?
    daniel busch
    Of course it's true, Steve Mizerak had a powerful effect on my future, and so did the "teachers".
    Happy 29th, Pinky. I have it on very good authority that a woman reaches 29 years old and stops counting. Wishing you many more happy years of being 29.

    Your friend, Stu
    Phew! Just managed to pick up a few shares and stock in leading brewers and distillers My birthday usually ends up as a 5 day festival so if yours is te same then I should make a killing on the market HB&MHRotD
    Hope you and Matt have a great's to 2014! One day the wifey and I will meet up with you guys at one of the pool events!
    LOL --I'm just an Old Recluse Squirreld Away In the Mountains Of Virginia--Least That's What Bob Ogbern said About Me Last Time I Seen'ed Him---I Dig Playing Guitar With My Son Riggs, and The Jazz Work We Are Doing Is More To What I'm Doing These Days,,Liked Your Message--Tell Rick , I said Hello--And If you Know Them --To John Herke and Adam Statton as Well--and I do invent words like Seen'ed--and others at times--Best To You, and All
    Chip Roberson
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